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Active ICO : 11/03/18 – 11/07/18

SMART Contracts for Real Estate Markets

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About Praator

PRAATOR Blockchain Smart Contracts:

  • Mortgage Contracts: Instantaneously move mortgage data file from one person to the next in the Real Estate market utilizing (SaaS) PRTR Block chain Smart Contracts.
  • Short Term Financing for Premium Homes: Only ICO in the world focused on a niche part of the Real Estate market focusing on High Income, High Asset Individuals that are purchasing a million dollar home.
  • Buyer to Seller agreement when traditional financing fails prior to or at the time of closing. Example
  • County Registration: This is important due to the current landscape where contracts are scanned into a .pdf format and are virtually unreadable, unsearchable, and provide no clarity to any Real Estate party for filing purposes.
  • Decentralized, secure, searchable, transparent, public and private, data ledger that all members in the Real Estate industry will be able to utilize, view, update, and confirm