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The 420X platform is committed to creating a decentralized global community, where connoisseurs worldwide can locate the growing media they desire.

With a community board where members of the 420X platform can share their passion and stories about Cannabis which will be fueled by tips as gratitude from other members of the 420X platform cannabis Community.

Part of our mission with the 420X platform is to donate a portion of our advertising profits to nonprofit community gardens around the world to promote healthy eating & health wellness to create a world that are proud of.

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram

As a bounty reward, we will distribute 10,000,000 420X. You will earn and receive 420X tokens by completing bounty tasks, which are divided into the following categories: Twitter Campaign, Telegram Campaign and Exchange Listing Campaign. The campaign will be running until July 23, 2018..

This Bounty Campaign will be managed by blacktajin. PM me if you have any concern regarding Bounty matters

Estimated Token Price: One 420X=0.03$

  • Type 1: Twitter Campaign (40%)
  • Type 2: Telegram Campaign (30%)
  • Type 3: Exchange Listing Campaign(Details will Announce SOON) (30%)

General Rules:

  • You must Join on telegram channel of 420x.life in able to receive reward at the end of campaign. I will not entertain any excuses for not following this rule
  • You must Subscribe on telegram channel of BlockEye Bounty in able to receive reward at the end of campaign.I required this so that you will be updated on my announcement
  • You must Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/420X_Life
  • I have the right to remove any participants that will show aggressive behavior towards me.
  • I will not accept changing of wallet address anymore. Be responsible on taking care of all your personal stuff.
  • Joining 3 days before the cut-off date is not allowed. You will be starting on next week of the campaign
  • Weekly round ends during Wednesday (00:01 Forum time) and distribution of stake will occur 1-2 days after the cut-off


Telegram Campaign


How to Participate

  • Join on 420X.Life
  • You need to invite atleast 5 member in able to eligible for bounty; additional invite gives you a stake
  • Post anything that you want to say about 420X.Life(Bad comment is NOT allowed) atleast 2 post per week.
  • Screenshot your invite and sent it on the form
  • NO MAXIMUM LIMITS of invites; just fill up again the form for your additional invite and follow same procedure above
  • Fill up the Form


  • You will receive 1 stakes for every 5 invites you made; NO MAXIMUM LIMIT
  • You will receive additional 5 stakes if you insert 420x.Life in your telegram name;Use code below.


* 420x.Life *

Twitter Campaign



  • Retweeting of post 1 week older by the time you join the campaign will cause you to lose all your stakes
  • You must Retweet at least 7 tweets, Max 2 Retweets per day;Burst retweet will not be counted
  • You must create at least 3 Personal tweet with atleast 2 of the following #420X.Life, #cryptocurrency, #crypto, #BTC, #ETH, #blockchain, #ethereum within the week. Max 1 personal tweet per day; Take note that only quality tweets will be counted
  • User that caught cheating by reporting others report link will be ban
  • Must have above 80% score on twitter audit
  • Minimum Junior Member Rank on Bitcointalk is allowed to join
  • You will need to submit separate NEW report post EVERY WEEK for your shared post and like by using the format below:
  • You can submit Weekly report anyday before Wednesday(00:01) forum time


Bitcointalk Username:
Twitter Username(@xxx):
Spreadsheet No.:
Week # Links:

Personal Tweet
How to Participate


500-3000 followers:

  • Weekly Rate : 100 stakes

3001-6000 followers:

  • Weekly Rate : 200 stakes

6001-above followers:

  • Weekly Rate : 500 stakes