Adult X Token ICO rating and analysis

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Adult X Token ICO rating

Total score: 79 out of 100 points!

Business (19 out of 20 points)

“Adult X Token – All in One Solution for the Adult Entertainment Industry”

The project undertakes an important problem for the Adult market.
The annual turnover of the market is about 100 billion dollars all over the world, and there is a growth of trend. Using the blockchain technology, the project solves a whole range of problems in this market.
The project is promised to be implemented in 2019.

ADUxHub – online platform

  • Discount and Deal Marketplace – they guarantee discount rates at the best possible conditions
  • Adult Live Webcams – for Models and Members
  • Video On Demand, Video Sharing
  • Social Networking Platform – members and models/performers can interact with their friends, followers and fans, create fan and business pages, upload and share own videos and pictures
  • Affiliate Program – in Q1 2019 a comprehensive affiliate program will be launched, on the one hand to attract new customers and on the other to create a lucrative bonus system for members, models, performers, webmasters and companies
  • Mobile App for Android and iOS

ADUxPay – Worldwide withdrawals and payments at millions of points of acceptance are just as possible as with a standard prepaid credit card

  • ADUxPay Prepaid Card Classic – for customers, Acceptance at over 20 million dealers, Fast payment and conversion of the cryptocurrency into FIAT currency, ATM withdrawals)
  • ADUxPay Prepaid Card VIP – similar to ADUxPay Prepaid Card Classic but with higher limits, Special concierge service, additional 5% on all vouchers on „ADUxHub“ and some other benefits
  • ADUxPay Prepaid Card Business – all-in-one solution for all businesses in the adult entertainment industry for Companies, Models/Performers, Affiliate Partners. Own banking/financial service provider, cryptocurrency payment gateway and integration of the “ADUxPay”.
  • An cryptocurrency gateway and a wallet

The “Adult X Token” (ADUX) and its integration on „ADUxHub“ offer an absolute, never seen before, “all – in – one solution” for the adult entertainment industry. With the deal system, live webcam platform and social network based on blockchain technology, the entire adult entertainment industry is drawing even closer together, as models/performers and companies from various niches in the industry can draw attention to themselves at „ADUxHub“.

For the implementation of the «ADUxPay Prepaid Card» project the team also has agreements with financial market players.

Thus, by creating the core of the project and using partners’ resources, the implementation of the project to be carried out successfully.

This market is difficult for beginners, so the experienced team in this area will be a great advantage among other competitors.


Product readiness (2 out of 5 points)

For the moment the product is not available, but there is a worked out documentation for project implementation. Such documentation is major factor for successful implementation of the project.

White Paper (7 out of 10 points)

AdultXToken WhitePaper gives an overview of the business and specifies the advantages of the system. Market analysis gives proper information about its state and explains the position of Adult X Token in this market.

The content of the documents is presented in structured manner and it provides understanding of the logic of the system.


Roadmap (7 out of 10 points)

4th Quarter, 2018

  • Listing of ADUX Tokens on Exchanges

2019 1st Quarter

  • Launch of the “ADUxHub”
  • Orders of the ADUxPay Prepaid Card
  • Will be launched affiliate program
  • Mobile Application (for Android and iOS) will be available
  • Airdrop for ADUX Token holders

2019 2st Quarter

  • Adult Live Webcams and Social Media Platform goes online
  • ADUxPay Prepaid Card will be sent
  • Announcement of live partners for the ADUxPay VIP Card

2019 3rd Quarter

  • ADUX Token listed on several of the 20 biggest exchanges

RoadMap covers the period up to end of 2019. Plans look realistic thus the project can comply with the timeline of its implementation.


Legal (5 out of 5 points)

Adult X Token (ADUX) by Sevensale Online GmbH a legal person established under Austrian law with registration no. 9110855083


Team (16 out of 20 points)

The team has a great experience in this market and fully well understands the problems and all points of this sphere.

Jovan Savic – CEO & Founder of “ADUxHub” and “ADUxPay”
John worked at Siemens, ACEvents – International Event Management & Booking, ISSCM – International Security Services – Consulting & Management

Markus Koehbach – Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)
Markus worked at Danube Freizeitanlagen GmbH, FITINN Sportstudios

Markus Neugebauer – Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Markus worked at Siemens and VA Technologie Austria

Saskja Feller – Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

Rodrigo Formighieri – IT & Blockchain Advisor
Currently CEO CTO at Autonomo. Rodrigo worked at Zênega Tecnologia, KEYMILE, AUGEO ENGENHARIA, Ampla Produtos de Comunicação Visual

Kaan Tashan – Financial Services Advisor
Currently – complaint manager at DenizBank

Bruce Friedman – Adult Marketing Advisor
Have worked in advertising and marketing my entire career. Worked in radio for 21 years. Had own mainstream marketing firm for 2 years. Started Adult B2B Marketing to serve the marketing needs of the adult industry in the areas of adult marketing and affiliate marketing.


ICO terms  (4 out of 5 points)

The token sale will take place on Fri., 31st Aug. 2018 12:00 UTC. If the softcap of 3,500 ETH is not reached in the sales phase up to and including Wed., 30th Nov. 2018 12:00 UTC, the funds will be automatically transfered back to the investors by our smart contract.

ADUX Token price:

  • Friday, 31st Aug. until Wednesday, 31st Oct. 2018: 1 ETH = 14.000 ADUX
  • From Wednesday, 31st October until Friday, 30th November 2018: 1 ETH per 10.000 ADUX

Total Supply: 600,000,000 ADUX

All unsold and unallocated ADUX tokens will bе destroyed and additional release оf ADUX tokens will not be possible.

Soft Cap: 3,500 ETH
Hard Cap: 35,000 ETH

When purchasing an “ADUx Prepaid Card”, a KYC (Know your Customer) verification is required.


Token applying  (4 out of 5 points)

The “Adult X Token” (ADUX) is a token based on Ethereum Blockchain technology (ERC20 Token). Through fast and low-cost transactions, the “Adult X Token” (ADUX) will act as the flagship and main payment tool in the planned projects.

The use of tokens absolutely reasonable in this economic and logical model. 


ICO Promotion  (15 out of 20 points)

At the moment the team participates in specialized conferences and seminars.

The project has a number of partners who will become their first clients and will provide the impetus for the development of this kind of business.

Promotion of the ICO occurs with the help of Airdrop and Bounty Campaign.

The project team interact with the community by Telegram.


Visit: AdultXtoken ICO site and AdultXToken ICOnow page


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