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AIAScoin ICO Bounty   AIAScoin ICO Bounty   AIAScoin ICO Bounty   AIAScoin ICO Bounty   AIAScoin ICO Bounty
Welcome to the bounty program for AIAS coin! All participants must join our Discord channel here:

Bounty campaign will start on July 3, 2018 and will end on August 2, 2018 or until all AIAS coins are distributed, whichever comes first.
We will distribute the awards to all participants 3-4 weeks from the end of the bounty campaign.
Multiple accounts, fake accounts and bots will not be tolerated or allowed to participate.
Accounts that appear to be spam or are questionable can be disqualified at the discretion of AIAS.

Total bounty pool will be 27,000 AIAS!


Twitter 4,065 AIAS
Facebook 4,065 AIAS
Content Creation/Articles 5,420 AIAS
Translation Campaign 4,065 AIAS
Telegram Campaign 4,065 AIAS
Signature Campaign 5,420 AIAS

Signature Campaign


You must keep signatures until end of the Campaign.
You have to be at least JR. MEMBER to use AIAS coin signature
You must not have negative trust
Only meaningful posts in Alternate Cryptocurrencies section will be taken into account

Fill out this form by each Sunday to submit links to messages while wearing signature:


AIAScoin ICO Bounty



Jr. Member – 0.5 AIAS coins /msg
Member – 1 AIAS coins /msg
Full Member – 2 AIAS coins /msg
Sr. Member – 4 AIAS coins /msg
Hero Member – 8 AIAS coins /msg
Legendary – 10 AIAS coins /msg

Telegram Campaign



If you are an admin of a Telegram group/channel dedicated to crypto, blockchain, ICOs

Create a unique post about AIAS and publish it in your group/channel
The Post Should contain at least the main vision of our project. Minimum 50 Words.
Suggested to add images, links to our project material
Don’t remove the post before ending of Campaign

However the quality of your post,
activity in your group and the relevance of the audience’s interests will also be taken into account.

Submit your Telegram posts here:


1,000-2,000 members –  25 AIAS / post
2,000-5,000 members – 50 AIAS / post
5,000-7,000 members – 150 AIAS / post
7,000-10,000 members – 300 AIAS / post
10,000 + members – 500 AIAS / post

Translation Campaign


Each participant can only apply for a maximum of 4 translations.

The first person to sign up for any given language will be awarded the reservation.

Work will be validated by native speakers

Using Google Translate or other automated translators is not allowed.

Please keep text markup as it is in your translation. (Headings, Sub-Headings, Bold Text, etc.)


We need the following translated:



Reserve a language for translation here: TRANSLATION RESERVATION FORM

See the status here: TRANSLATION STATUS


All eligible translations will be rewarded with 50 AIAS

Content Creation Campaign


Medium / Steemit etc. Minimum 60 Followers.

Article must be good quality with a minimum 200-300 words.

Remember, this is a high quality project. Please write your articles with detail and an emphasis on quality.

Forum posts must have 50-60 words minimum but preferably more.

Max 2 Forum Posts / Week

Max 2 Articles / Week

Always include links to our website:

Submit Your Content / Articles Here:


Article Reward:

Good Quality – 200 AIAS

Medium Quality – 75 AIAS

Low Quality – 45 AIAS


Forum Post Reward:

Good Quality – 30 AIAS

OK Quality – 5 AIAS

Facebook Campaign


  • Give us your AIAS address and Facebook profile URL and sign up here:
  • Look up your Spreadsheet Line number here: FACEBOOK SPREADSHEET
  • SUBMIT WEEKLY POSTS/SHARES IN THE COMMENTS AS SHOWN BELOW! (MUST BE DONE BY SUNDAY OF EACH WEEK) *NOTE: The important thing is that I get all of your posts/shares in the comments below. As long as I have those we are good.

Participants must like our Facebook Page
Minimum 5 shares & 3 custom made posts / week
You have to report posts every week

Week Number:
Spreadsheet Line Number:
Facebook Posts
1. Unique post1 URL
2. Unique post2 URL
3. Unique post3 URL
Facebook Shares
1. Sharedpost1
2. Sharedpost2
3. Sharedpost3
4. Sharedpost4
5. Sharedpost5


150+ Friends – 0.5 AIAS
1,000+ Friends – 1 AIAS
2,500+ Friends – 2 AIAS
10,000+ Friends – 4 AIAS
50,000+ Friends – 8 AIAS

Twitter Campaign


  • Give us your AIAS address and Twitter Audit URL and sign up here:
  • Look up your Spreadsheet Line number here: TWITTER SPREADSHEET
  • SUBMIT WEEKLY TWEETS IN THE COMMENTS AS SHOWN BELOW! (MUST BE DONE BY SUNDAY OF EACH WEEK) *NOTE: The important thing is that I get all of your tweets posted in the comments below. As long as I have those we are good.

All participants must follow us on Twitter here:
We hope that your Twitter is mainly about Crypto or Finance.

Twitter audit can be performed here:

Minimum 150 Real Followers
You must submit your tweets/retweets every week!
Minimum 5 re-tweets / week
Minimum 3 unique tweets / week that contain the following hashtags: #aias #cryptobounty


Week Number:
Spreadsheet Line Number:
1. Unique tweet1
2. Unique tweet2
3. Unique tweet3
1. Retweet1
2. Retweet2
3. Retweet3
4. Retweet4
5. Retweet5



150+ Followers – 0.5 AIAS
1,000+ Followers – 1  AIAS
2,500+ Followers – 2 AIAS
10,000+ Followers – 4 AIAS
100,000+ Followers – 8 AIAS