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ALLUXE is a blockchain-based luxury platform intended for convenient and transparent interaction of companies and customers in the luxe segment through crypto currencies and modern technologies. This is an innovative solution for the crypto-elite, wealthy people demanding to the level of comfort, quality of service and confidentiality.

ALLUXE helps you plan a trip or a business trip, rent a premium car, yacht or luxury real estate and make expensive purchases anywhere in the world

Telegram | Website | Whitepaper | ANN ICO

We offer participants 2.5% of the total supply of tokens (5,500,000 LXC) as part of the Bounty campaign. 
The ALLUXE Bounty campaign begins upon publication of this message and runs until the end of ICO.
Bounty campaign
To promote the ALLUXE platform in social networks and on the Internet, the following has been provided:
5,500,000 LXC (1 LXC = 0.0004 ETH)


  • 35% (1,925,000 LXC) Blogs, Videos, PR
  • 30% (1,650,000 LXC) Signature & Avatar campaign
  • 30% (1,650,000 LXC) Social networks
  • 5% (275,000 LXC) Translation & moderation

GENERAL RULE: All bounty participants are required to join ALLUXE Telegram chat 


Please check your participation in this spreadsheet

Translation & Moderation



We will ask you to translate an ANN thread and a technical document. If we learn that you used Google Translate and any other machine-aided translation services, you will be prohibited from participating in the campaign as a whole.

1. You are supposed to moderate and update the thread using our news and updates in our ANN thread at least once a week
2. You are supposed to finish the translation of the article in 2 days after you were assigned the job

We have limited only the number of languages; they will be selected from the most active communities on Bitcointalk.

3. We are looking for users with the status of “Member” and higher
4. Participants can register only one translation
5. Do not start translating until we accept you

Registration (link to the form)



  • 250 stakes – for the translation of  Whitepaper.
  • 150 stakes – for the translation of an ANN Thread. ANN Thread moderation/control: 5 stakes for a post.
  • 100 stakes – for the translation of Bounty Thread.
  • 100 stakes – for Website translation.
  • 10 stakes – per page in your local ANN thread.

Twitter Campaign


1. You have at least 500 subscribers and privacy settings for your account
2. Your Twitter account must be connected to crypto currencies or a related area
3. We will also be glad to see the representatives of the media
4. Follow ALLUXE Twitter:
5. Like & Retweet: at least 3 messages per week, which gives you 10 stakes a week. You must report your Likes and Retweets every week
6. Registration of multiple accounts is prohibited. All linked accounts will not be verified and will be deleted. We will check each member to make sure that their Twitter account is genuine.
Registration (link to the form)

Facebook Campaign


1. You have at least 600 friends and privacy settings for your page
2. Follow the official ALLUXE page on Facebook
3. Be sure to make at least 3 posts per week, which gives you 10 stakes per week
4. Registration of multiple accounts is prohibited; all linked accounts will not be verified and will be deleted

Dear members of the Bounty campaign, please assign a 5-star rating to our official FB page

The maximum number of participants is limited to 3,000
Registration (link to the form)

Telegram Campaign



Link to bounty Telegram chat

1. Join our Telegram chat and get 2 stakes!
2. For each post, aimed at maintaining the activity and development of the topic, you will receive 5 stakes. The length of a post must be at least 100 characters
3. We will provide additional stakes to active users in the Telegram chat.

The maximum number of participants is limited to 3,000

Registration (link to the form)

Blog & Videos Campaign


1. You can use our official images, logos, graphics on our website and in the ANN stream
2. The article must be at least 500 characters long and must be original
3. An article or video must contain at least 1 link to our website, Whitepaper or an ANN thread
4. Blogging platforms such as Medium, Steemit, Reddit, etc accept only 3 messages from one user
5. Your blogs on platforms like Medium, Steemit, Reddit, or personal blogs, must have at least 250 followers
6. At least one link to your BTT profile must be included in the article or description of the video to confirm your authorship
Registration (link to the form)


  • Excellent – 250 stakes
  • Very good – 150 stakes
  • Good- 100 stakes

Signature Campaign


1. Minimum of 10 posts must be made weekly
2. Posts must be at least 100 characters long
3. Posts shall be meaningful and unique, aimed at developing the topic and maintaining interest in the project, rather than repeating what others have said. Copying and pasting is prohibited
4. Users with Negative Trust are not allowed to participate. If you receive a Negative Trust while participating in the campaign, you will also be removed
5. Every member, starting with the Full member, must use our avatar
6. Spam is strictly forbidden
7. Messages in bounty topics, local threads, off-topic messages, messages about games and rounds, messages in micro-earnings topics, as well as those in Politics and Society will not be counted
8. Advertising any other project in your signatures is not allowed. You will be removed from participating in the campaign
9. You shall use our signature, avatar and personal text until the end of ICO

AVATAR picture for users with a link to download



Personal text: “ – Decentralized Luxury Platform”

Our signature that should be used


Apply the signature and fill in the google form


  • Jr. Member: 10 stakes per week
  • Member: 20 stakes per week
  • Full Member: 40 stakes per week (+5 stakes for avatar)
  • Sr. Member: 50 stakes per week (+7 stakes for avatar)
  • Hero Member: 70 stakes per week (+9 stakes for avatar)
  • Legendary Member: 90 stakes per week (+11 stakes for avatar)