Axios Foundation ICO Bounty


Thank you for your interest in the Axios Foundation Bounty Campaign!
500,000 Axio Tokens will be distributed in this Bounty Campaign

Axios Foundation Bounty Campaign starts on Mar. 1, 2020
Axios Foundation Bounty Campaign duration is 6 Months

How to Apply

This Axios Foundation ICO Bounty Campaign is only available to non-U.S. residents.
To participate, you must register and pass KYC/YML verification.
After registration you will get an account for use in this Bounty Campaign.

Axios Foundation Bounty Allocation

500,000 Axio Tokens will be distributed in this Bounty Campaign as follows:

  • 25% Content Campaign (video, articles, meme, etc.)
  • 20% Signature Campaign
  • 10% Twitter Campaign
  • 10% Telegram Campaign
  • 10% Facebook Campaign
  • 10% Reddit Campaign
  • 15% Translation & Moderation Campaign


To participate you must pass KYC/YML verification to get a Bounty Account.
■ This campaign will run for 6 months.
■ Red Trust users will NOT be allowed to enroll.
■ Newbies with minimum 25 activity are allowed to join.
■ Deleted submissions will not be counted.
■ No spamming or trolling. If you do, you will be disqualified.
■ If you have any Bounty Campaign issues please contact us via the Telegram Bounty Group.
■ For questions regarding the project, please use the ANN thread.

By signing up for the Bounty Campaign, you accept these terms:

■ Except for purely informational statements, any endorsement of the offering must carry or link to the legal disclosure.
■ This Bounty Campaign is restricted to non-US residents that pass KYC/YML verification.
■ Payments for the Bounty Campaign are contingent on the successful completion of the Axios Foundation STO.
■ To participate in the Bounty Campaign, you must be at least 18 years old.
■ We reserve the right to change or add rules any time during the campaign.
■ We reserve the right to pose or stop one or all campaigns.
■ We reserve the right to remove any participants for violation of these rules, fraud, or misconduct.



More info about Axios Foundation ICO Bounty by this link

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