Bigtangle ICO SCAM Red Flag: ICO Promo, ICO terms, ICO team


Red Flag for Bigtangle ICO

  • There are no valid Twitter or Telegram accounts.

  • The change of ICO date is without serious matters (the failure to raise funds is not significant matter for the change).

  • Very large referral paying over ( more than 5%).

  • During ICO the marketing was weak.

  • There are no social accounts of team members.

ICO Site url:

BigTangle ICO is a successor to Bitcoin and Ethereum with blockchains as a platform.
BigTangle inherits all functionalities provided by Bitcoin and Ethereum. That are the special cases of BigTangle. The multidimensional BigTangle can be reduced to a blockchain by disallowing multiple block predecessors. The implementation of BigTangle shares a common base with Bitcoin, UTXOs, Script stack language and ECKeys.

BigTangle is a successor to Bitcoin and Ethereum with blockchains in regards to scalability, finality and decentralization.
1) BigTangle is a cryptocurrency network extending directed acyclic graph architectures with Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) as a consensus algorithm, that allows for blocks created in parallel to be unified later.
2) BigTangle ICO is implemented with Big Data technologies: Kafka, Spark and Hbase.
BigTangle not in our ICO list.


By using your ID, you can invite your friends and colleagues and gain 1000 BIG for each successful direct referral, each second level referral 100, third level 10 and fourth level 1. For example you invite 100 and it does each level, then you will get the total 100 * 1000 + 100*100*100 + 100*100*100*10 + 100*100*100*100. This is more than 100 Millions BIG. To do so, simply forward your ID and the participation instructions.


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