BitRabbit ICO bounty program


BitRabbit ICO bounty program

Win BRB (the platform token of BitRabbit ICO exchange) reward by posting contents promoting BitRabbit exchange on the designated website, and submitting it to us.

The BitRabbit ICO bounty campaign are open to everyone, everyone is welcome to join our community.

Submit your posts and BitRabbit account to our BitcoinTalk ( channel every week. We will review the content, and release the corresponding reward directly to your BitRabbit account.

Registered links to the BitRabbit Exchange:

Settlement period: Once a week (release rewards of the previous week on every Monday and Tuesday.Please don’t urge the administrator, we will issue the bonus on time.)

How to submit:
Submit the link of your post and your BitRabbit account to our BitcoinTalk ( channel. We will directly release the rewards to your BitRabbit account after review.

BitRabbit ICO YouTube Bounty

1、Requirements for YouTube videos and video sharing:
Channel must be at least 1 week old and public
Videos must be more than 2 minutes long
Video description must contain a link to
Videos that do not have a human voice-over will only receive half the bounty listed.
All videos must be original content & unique. Videos cannot be copied from any other YouTuber.
Videos must be in English
Each ID can publish up to 5 videos about BitRabbit per week to get the rewards.
The rewards are calculated by the number of videos you post.

2. Video rewards
Subs rewards
> 10K Subs 20000 BRB+20000CRT
> 5K Subs 15000 BRB+15000CRT
> 1000 Subs 10000 BRB+10000CRT
> 500 Subs 5000 BRB+800CRT
> 250 Subs 2500 BRB+500CRT
> 100 Subs 1000 BRB+300CRT
> 50 Subs 200 BRB+100CRT
1-50 Subs 10BRB+20CRT

BitRabbit ICO Twitter Bounty

1、Requiements for Twitter posts
Tweet original content from or about the official @Bitrabbit_Team
You must be a @Bitrabbit_Team ICO follower.
Tweets must contain following hashtags: #BitRabbitExchange #bunnypub #BRB
Your Account must be at least 1 week old. Only Tweets containing all the following hashtags: #BitRabbit exchange#、#bunnypub# qualify.
Your Tweets must be public.
Tweets must be in English
You must not copy and paste other users twitter posts – If you are caught you will be banned from the bounty programme.
You need to post no more than 3 tweets per day and no less than 14 tweets per week about BitRabbit, to receive the reward. You will receive the rewards once completing the weekly tasks.
We will reward you once a week for completing 14 tweets in a week. We do not reward you every time you post a tweet.

2. Rewards
Followers Rewards
> 100K Followers 14000 BRB+3000CRT
> 50K Followers 10000 BRB+2500CRT
> 20K Followers 7000 BRB+2000CRT
> 10K Followers 4000 BRB+1500CRT
> 5000 Followers 1500 BRB+700CRT
> 3000 Followers 600 BRB+300CRT
> 1000 Followers 200 BRB+100CRT
100-1000 Followers 10BRB+20CRT

BitRabbit ICO Reddit Bounty

1、Rules for posting or commenting:
Like and follow BitRabbit’s official account:
For a post to be counted, it needs to be posted in relevant subreddits for the exchange, such as r/bitcoin, r/altcoin, r/cryptocurrency, r/ethereum, r/ethtrader, etc.
Each ID is required to publish 3 posts each week.
Your account should have a minimum of 10 karma.
Posts and comments with negative karma do not qualify.
Each ID will be rewarded for up to 5 comments on the same post .

2. Rewards for posts upvotes
posts upvotes Rewards
> 8000 15000 BRB+3000CRT
> 5000 5000 BRB+2000CRT
> 1500 3000 BRB+1500CRT
> 1200 1500 BRB+1000CRT
> 900 900 BRB+800CRT
> 750 500 BRB+500CRT
> 500 300 BRB+300CRT
> 10 20BRB+100CRT
1-10 5BRB+10CRT

BitRabbit ICO Bitcointalk Bounty

1. Rules for posting or commenting:
Like and follow BitRabbit official account:
Participants need to post 3 quality posts a week with the appropriate signature. The post must have a minimum of 60 characters not including spaces and overused punctuations
Each post containing the BitRabbit signature by the time the event ends will be eligible for the reward.
Each account needs to publish at least 3 posts about BitRabbit each week, and you will get the reward once completing the weekly tasks.
We will reward you once a week for completing 3 posts in a week. We do not reward you every time you post a post.
Post must be in English only

BitRabbit ICO Signatures

Account Level Rewards
Jr. Member 300 BRB+100CRT
Member 400 BRB+300CRT
Full Member 1000 BRB+500CRT
Sr. Member 1600 BRB+800CRT
Hero / Legendary 2400 BRB+1000CRT

BitRabbit ICO Post a Selfie Bounty

1. Requirement
Follow BitRabbit on Twitter (@Bitrabbit_Team) or Facebook (@BitRabbit Team)
Take a Selfie with the BitRabbit logo provided here –
Include the hashtags #BitRabbitExchange #bunnypub #BRB
Your profile must be public.
Each user can only get rewards of no more than 5 posts each week, and can only post 1 post per day.
The rewards are counted by the number of posts.
You must use the BitRabbit logo provided either printed or displayed on a device.
All hashtags provided must be included in the post and BitRabbit official account needs to be tagged.
All content within the post must be in English

2. Rewards
Followers Rewards
> 150K Followers 3000 BRB+2000CRT
> 100K Followers 1500 BRB+1000CRT
> 50K Followers 500 BRB+800CRT
> 10K Followers 300 BRB+500CRT
> 2000 Followers 150 BRB+300CRT
> 800 Followers 60 BRB+100CRT
> 250 Followers 20 BRB+50CRT
1-250 Followers 5BRB+5CRT

More info about BitRabbit ICO here

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