Blockbits ICO Bounty

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General Bounty terms

All entries need to be original. Trolling and spamming will not be rewarded.
If we find it useful, it will be published into the Channels section, and you will be awarded 10% of all points earned by bounty hunters that distribute it.

All entries are validated by humans and abusing or stealing content from others will get your account suspended.

In order to qualify you also need to follow @blockbitsio on twitter and subscribe to the BlockBitsIo Youtube Channel.

3% of all BlockBitsIo Platform Tokens are allocated to the Bounty Program.
Anyone with an Ethereum wallet address can visit the BlockBitsIo Bounty Platform and join the bounty program.
All you need to do is sign up for an account and link an Ethereum Wallet Address to it, then create original content and use the urls provided in the channels section to earn BPES – Points.
In order to waive gas costs for bounty participants, we are going to be indexing, and validating all requests, and once funding is finalised as successful, the resulting balances will be allocated by our Bounty Contract.

Bounty Program Entry Stake ( BPES )

Represents a valid entry submitted by a BlockBitsIo Platform Account as a bounty stake claim. One Entry Stake equals the Item Score assigned for said Bounty Entry Type.
1 BPES represents 100 divided by Total Bounty Program Entry Stakes in the system at the end of all Funding Phases.

Earning BPES

There are 2 main ways you can use to earn Points.

A) Create and publish content related to BlockBitsIo.
example: Create a youtube video, or an article on Steem, then submit it in the My Content section.

B) Drive traffic to urls posted in the Channels section by posting your urls and key along your crafted media.
example: Write a good reply to someone on BitcoinTalk and point them to an url you chose from the Channelssection.
Bounty Portal Registration 10 BPES Once
Bounty Portal Daily Login 1 BPES Every 24h
Original Article 1000 BPES Once per Item
Original Youtube Video 1000 BPES Once per Item
Join the Telegram Channel 10 BPES Once
Idle in the Telegram Channel 1 BPES Every 24h
Referred Unique Visitors 1 BPES For each unique visit
Referred User – Points 10% Of their balance