DEGA provides scalable infrastructure and fast transactions for Web3 gaming and the Metaverse.

DEGA allows the seamless creation of new blockchains called Metachains to scale as needed rapidly. Each Metachain can have its own custom technology and tokenomics.

What are the benefits of being a DEGA TRIBE?

The benefits of being a crypto ambassador is that they get to explore the world , while also getting paid for it!

Here are the benefit of being part of us.

Each DEGA Ambassador will be interviewed and judged accordingly for compensation with respect to their offering.

Everyone will start at the Soldier level with advancements that can take place monthly, depending upon the activity level of the ambassador.

  • Soldier — 15,000 (US600) DEGA/month
  • Commander — 31,250 (US1,250) DEGA/month + Merch
  • Chief — 62,500 (US2,500) DEGA/month
  • Supreme Chief — 125,000 (US5,000) DEGA/month


You will need to apply online by using our application form and fill out your details, and why you think you would be a great ambassador of the DEGA Protocol! From there you will be interviewed by our team.

Check the form here

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