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Digitize is targeting the end consumer and public directly, by solving a real world problem. Most ICO these days are Tech heavy and hard to understand for the average consumer. A large problem within the Blockchain industry is mainstream adoption. We are planning to engage directly with the public by providing a service that lets you save your change digitally, essentially a digital piggy bank, using cryptocurrency. Removing the frustration of carrying and saving loose change. We believe by solving real world problems, we can engage the public and introduce them to cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Digitize will also facilitate cash deposits through retailers, up to $5000 for users, targeting more experienced crypto users.

Digitizecoin places for bounty pool 1% of the total supply, which equals to 2 Million of  Tokens. Campaign started on Sunday , so each week will end on Saturday 23.59PM FORUM TIME, then a new week will start on Sunday.

Funds are allocated  as follows:

Signature campaign       :30% allocation
Content campaign         :10% allocation
Facebook campaign       :15% allocation
Twitter campaign          :15% allocation
Reddit campaign           :5% allocation
Translations campaign   :10% allocation
Telegram campaign       :10% allocation
Other miscellaneous      :5% allocation


Spreadsheet Link here 

Twitter Campaign


1. Twitter Account must be at least 3 months old. Newbies in bitcointalk forum not allowed.
2.  Must follow this page. 
3.  Must have at least 400 real friends/followers.
4.  Must make 5 retweets in a week. Retweets should have atleast two of these hashtags #Crypto #Digitize
#invest #ICO #profit.
Your twitter link should be like this eg. https://twitter.com/username/status/9628345484284
5.  Retweets have to be spaced at least 1 hour to earn stakes. Anyone breaking this rule wont get stakes for that
6.  No update on number of friends or eth address after you joined the campaign.
7.  Weekly reports must be submitted in the form below before saturday 23.59pm forum.
8.  Not submitting a week’s report will mean that you won’t receive rewards for that week.
9.  You will get 15 Stakes per week of approved sharing.
10. Submit your weekly reports to receive payment!

1. Register here and submit the report in the  Form Week 1 (11th to 17th Feb)

Telegram Campaign


1. Join our Official Telegram Group , our telegram Channel  and bounty telegram Group and remain in the group till the
end of ICO.

2. 5 Stakes for all participants.(One time reward)

Register here:

Signature Campaign


1. Minimum of 10 posts must be made weekly.
2. Posts must be at least 75 characters long.
3. Posts must be constructive and not re-state what other people have said.
4. Negative trust accounts are not allowed to participate.
5. If you receive a negative trust during your time in the campaign, you will be removed.
6. Only user with rank of  Member and above can join.
7. Spamming is not tolerated at any cost.
8. Posts in bounty threads, local boards, off-topic, Games and Rounds, Micro Earnings and Politics and Society will not be
9. Advertising anything else in your signature will get you removed from the campaign.
10.Keep your signature on until the spreadsheet is updated with your final post count, for at least one more week,
removing it before post count will not be accepted.


  • Member: 20 stakes per week
  • Full Member: 40 stakes per week
  • Sr. Member: 50 stakes per week
  • Hero/Legendary Member:  70 stakes per week

How to participate:

Please wear the signature . Its same for all ranks and fill this form.

Signature Code https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2926745.0

Facebook Campaign


1. Facebook Account must be at least 3 months old. Newbies in the bitcointalk forum are not allowed.
2. Must follow this page. 
3. Must have at least 400 real friends/followers.
4 .Shares must have these hashtags #Crypto #digitize #invest #ICO #profit.
5. Like,share and comment total least 5 posts a week. Shares have to be spaced at least 1 hour to earn stakes..
6. No update on the number of friends and eth address after joining the campaign.
7. Weekly reports must be posted in the form below before Saturday 23.59pm forum time.
8. Not submitting a week’s report will mean that you won’t receive rewards for that week.
9. You will get 15 Stakes per week of approved sharing.

1. Register here and submit the report in the Form Week 1 (11th to 17th Feb)

Reddit Campaign


1.  Your Reddit account must be at least 15 days old and your posts+comment karma must be at least 20, Newbies are
not allowed to join the campaign. Your rank should be minimum Jr. Member to participate.
2.  Only posts in the following subreddits will count: r/icocrypto, r/bitcoin, r/ethereum, r/cryptocurrency.
3.  Posts and comments with negative karma and spam will be rejected.
4.  Any post or comment  that reaches 10+ upvotes will get  5 stakes per week.
5.  Report must be posted EVERY END of WEEK CAMPAIGN, and on next week make sure that you will quote your last
weeks report until the end of the bounty.




Week1 Report

Week 2 Report

and so on.

5.  Weekly Report Format


Bicointalk username:
Reddit Profile
ERC 20 wallet:
Reddit Links:

6.  Evaluation will be done on the last week of Bounty Campaign.

Register here:

Content Campaign


The piece of content can either be a video or blog. You can earn  Tokens by discussing or reviewing the Digitizecoin  ICO on your blog or video. Rewards will be allocated based on the quality of your content.

YouTube Videos Rules:

1. Videos must be at least 2 minute.
2. Videos must be uploaded to your YouTube channel.
3. You must have at least 101 subscribers.
4. Links to website must be added to description.
5. Link to your Bitcointalk profile should also be added to your video description to verify you are the author.
6. All videos should be in English and the voice should be clear. Very Low quality videos will not be accepted.

Low quality video = 10 Stakes
Medium quality video = 20 Stakes
High quality video = 50 Stakes

Blog and Articles Rules:

1. All content must be original, cannot be copied from others.
2. All articles must contain a link to the Website.
3. All articles must contain a link to Whitepaper.
4. All articles should be a minimum of 500 words.
5. Very low quality articles wont be accepted.

Low quality content = 10 Stakes
Medium quality content = 20 Stakes
High quality content = 50 Stakes

How to Apply

Create the content and submit here 

Translation Campaign


1. Applications have to be approved before translation starts.
2. Applications for translations to multiple languages will not be accepted.
3. Using Google Translate and other translators is not allowed. Participants using Google Translate will be instantly
4. Tampering with the meaning of texts and posts is not allowed, or if necessary must be approved first.
5. Abridging of information or any other structural or conceptual changes is not allowed. If they are necessary they need
to be consulted.
6. The local thread must be updated regularly to correspond with updates to the original document otherwise bounty will
be decreased.
7. Participants have to complete the form to apply. Accepted translators will receive confirmation.
8. All translators are invited to join our Telegram, where we will help you answer any questions posted by your local

Ann thread Translation- 25 Stakes
Whitepaper Translation – 50 Stakes

How to Apply
Post here in this format:


BitcoinTalk Name:
BitcoinTalk Profile Link:
Previous Translations:
Eth Address: