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Eternal Trusts is a blockchain platform that enables autonomous, deferred purchases of emerging biomedical and other services unavailable at the current moment.

Bounty campaign spreadsheets –

Dates: March 15 2018  – August 1 2018 (end of ICO)

Bounty fund: 60 million ETT tokens worth $600,000. (2% of all allocated tokens)

Tokens will be distributed to participants’ wallets within two weeks after the end of the tokensale.
To get your bounty award you will need to enter ETH wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens. Also remember that exchange wallets are not suitable for obtaining tokens.
Below is a link to suitable wallets:

For performing certain actions you will get stakes, after the end of the bounty campaign, the stakes will be converted into tokens, according to formula (total number of tokens/total number of stakes)*number of your stakes.

Distribution of Rewards

Facebook Campaign: 15% (9 million ETT tokens)
Youtube, Blog and media Campaign: 20% (12 million ETT tokens)
Medium Campaign 5% (3 million ETT tokens)
Bitcointalk Signatures Campaign: 40% (24 million ETT tokens)
Translation & Moderation Campaign: 20% (12 million ETT tokens)

General conditions for all campaigns

– Mentioning bounty is not allowed in any channel.
– Using multi-accounts, spam, bots and so on are strictly prohibited, all attempted users will be banned.
– You are required to keep access to the wallet that was specified at registration, you will not be able to change it at token distribution.
– We reserve the right to adjust the conditions of the bounty campaign during the period of its holding. For all updates, keep an eye on this topic.
– When a certain number of participants is reached, we will stop registration in some of campaigns.
– The week lasts from Friday to Thursday
– On Saturday we sum up your reports and add stakes.
For all questions regarding Bounty campaign please join special Bounty chat (

BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign


•     Jr Member: 8 Stakes/Weeks
•     Member: 15 Stakes/Weeks
•     Full Member: 30 Stakes/Week
•     Sr Member: 45 Stakes/Week
•     Hero and Legendary: 60 Stakes/Week
•     Wearing our Official Avatar: 10 Stakes/Weeks.

•     The Signature should be kept until the end of the ICO
•     Only Posts that are useful and constructive will be eligible
•     A post must have a minimum length of 75 characters to be counted
•     Minimum 10 posts per week
•     Negative trust  members are not allowed to join this campaign.
•     Weekly posts will be counted until Wednesday 23:59 forum time.
•     Don’t make 10 posts in single day.
Fill the form to Join

Accepted Participant List



Translation & Moderation


•     Translation of ANN thread+Bounty Thread: 200 Stakes.
•     Moderation/Management:  1 Stake per Valid Post.

How to Join:
•     Get approval for your reservation, I will PM all eligible participants
•     After being accepted and completing the translation, post in this thread with a link to the translated thread

•     Translators must update his/her thread at least 3 post per week (You can translate devs post in ANN thread or Social Media Account)
•     Spam post will not be counted
•     All languages are accepted!
Accepted Participant List

Medium Campaign


•     1 Stake/User
How to join:
•     Follow our Medium channel –
•     Сlap every our post
Fill the form to Join
•   You must follow our Medium channel and stay there till the end of Crowdsale.
•   An at least 2 month old or older account bitcointalk will be accepted
Accepted Participant List

Youtube, Blog and media Campaign


Write an article about Eternal Trusts on your blog or other site or create a quality video presentation about Eternal Trusts

•     Good quality: 100 Stakes
•     Medium quality: 70 Stakes
•     Normal quality: 40 Stakes
Fill the form to Join
•     Low-quality articles and videos will not be accepted.
•     Article must be genuine. You can use official images, logos, graphics posted on the website, ANN thread, Facebook, and Twitter.
•     Video must be at least 1.5 minutes long, shorter videos will not be accepted.
•     Video description must have a link to the official website: and a link to the whitepaper:
•     To proof your ownership your Bitcointalk profile must be added in video description.
•     Articles must be longer than 500 words, fewer than 500 words will not be accepted.
•     Article must have a link to the official website:   and a link to the whitepaper:
•     Medium, Steemit, Newbium, and other general/free blogging platforms are allowed but only one post will be accepted on those platforms per user.
•     To proof your ownership of the blog you must add your bitcointalk profile link to your blog posts footer.
Accepted Participant List

Facebook Campaign


•     100-500 Friends:     1 stake per week.
•     500-1500 Friends:   2 stakes per week.
•     1500-3000 Friends: 4 stakes per week.
•     3000 Friends:         6 stakes per week.

How to join:
•     Follow and like our Facebook page:
•     Like and share every post on our Facebook,maximum 1 repost per day,  minimum 5 per week
•     In addition, the participant must post at least one of his or her own message a week, using compulsory hashtag #ETT and some of the following hashtags: #ICO #Crowdsale #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Token #ETH #Ethereum #TokenSale

Report your reposts every week in these forms to get the stakes  :

Week 1 (16.03-22.03) ( reports have to be sent on the 23.03 maximum)
Week 2 (23.03-29.03) ( reports have to be sent on the 30.03 maximum)
Week 3 (30.03-05.04) ( reports have to be sent on the 06.04 maximum)
Week 4 (06.04-12.04) ( reports have to be sent on the 13.04 maximum)

Reports table
Fill the form to Join
•     Joining with multiple accounts is not allowed.
•     You must have over 100 real friends
•     Facebook account must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted.
•     If you don’t fill out the form every week, your participation will be disqualified.
•     The followers number is fixed and won’t be changed after you filled out the form.
•     Don’t fill the form twice, someone who fills the form twice will get disqualified !
•     The report should contain – at least 5 retweets / reposts and at least 1 own tweet / post
Accepted Participant List