EZ365 ICO Bounty Program


Introducing EZ365 ICO –  A revolutionary digital asset ecosystem that combines the best aspects of online gaming, cryptocurrency trading and blockchain education.  Our ecosystem is made up of three integrated and complementary platforms:

EZ Win – A robust digital asset casino developed with blockchain technology principles where users can be assured that they are playing on a provably fair system. The casino will offer betting on sports such as soccer, American football, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, golf, boxing/MMA, horse racing, F1 racing, and more. It will also offer traditional casino games such as: Bingo, Texas Hold’em, 3-Card Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, slots, etc. E-sports betting will also be available.

EZ Exchange – A digital asset exchange that is helping to facilitate the mass adoption of digital currencies by putting traders first, with robust customer support, industry leading security, regulatory compliance and a user-friendly interface.  The platform is being built by a team of infrastructure experts and developers who have extensive experience in blockchain, digital assets and traditional stock market security.

EZ Academy – A complete institution of higher digital asset learning that will cover instruction in a wide variety of topics throughout the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Our vision is to make digital assets easy for beginner and advanced users alike.

The EZ365 ICO Bounty Program is now open for application and officially starts August 12. It will run till Dec 30th.

There are a total of 2,000,000 EZ365 ICO tokens allocated to the EZ365 Bounty Program. The tokens will be distributed to Bounty Program participants on the EZ Exchange platform after the bounty program concludes and all stakes have been finalized.

Bounty Program Rules and Details:

  • Participants can access their tokens on EZ365’s cryptocurrency trading platform, EZ Exchange, and will be required to sign up for an account to receive their Bounty rewards.
  • Participants must use the same email address that they used to sign up for the Bounty program to register for an account on EZ Exchange. Bounty rewards will be credited to the EZ Exchange under the email used for the Bounty Program.
  • KYC will not be required for either the exchange platform signup or participation in this bounty program. Cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency transactions on EZ Exchange do not require KYC. Participants who wish to trade their Bounty rewards and withdraw fiat will be required to complete KYC.
  • The Bounty Program is not open to citizens of the following countries: Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Libya and South Yemen.

How Do Rewards Work & What are ‘Stakes’?

In the EZ365 ICO Bounty Program, all participating Bounty Hunters will receive ‘stakes’ each week for the work submitted that adheres to the program’s Rules & Guidelines. At the conclusion of the Bounty Program, each participant will be rewarded a portion of the EZ365 ICO tokens dependent upon the proportion of their stakes compared to the total stakes awarded in each campaign. Stakes don’t have a fixed value; instead, they represent an entitlement to a fraction of the total reward pool.

For Example: If Mary participated in the Content Creation campaign, and earned 12% of the total awarded stakes by the conclusion of the campaign, she would be entitled to (0.12 x 125,000) = 15,000 EZ365 ICO tokens total when the tokens are dispersed.

All of the awarded stakes for all 9 campaigns will be tracked on this spreadsheet. Stakes will be awarded in the following week. There will be active running statistics for each campaign on the spreadsheet, but keep in mind that these may not accurately predict the likely full reward until all of the stakes have been awarded. The statistics are used to track the progress over the course of the Bounty Program.

Terms And Conditions

~ During the Bounty Program, the Bounty Program Manager (@Cryptotiff) and Bounty Telegram Community moderators will be available to provide assistance to participants in the Bounty Program Telegram Community.

~ Participants must not make any reference to the EZ365 ICO Bounty Program in any posts or content created in participation of any of the campaigns unless it is prior agreed upon with the Bounty Manager.

~ Individuals may only participate with one account in any individual campaign. Those caught unfairly farming any campaign by spamming, botting or cheating the campaign with multiple accounts in any way whatsoever will be disqualified from participation in the program and may lose their prior awarded stakes.

~ We are focused on delivering a high-quality, and community-driven marketing effort with this program. The Bounty Management team reserves the right to reject any applicant for any reason if they suspect they might produce negative or low-quality marketing for the project. (For example: accounts that regularly produce low quality spam that regularly doesn’t foster engagement likely will be rejected).

~ Please ensure that you follow all the rules of any crypto community spaces and platforms you share content to. We cannot accept responsibility if you are banned from communities due to unknowingly breaking the rules of any such communities.

~ The Bounty Manager reserves the right to edit rules, token allocation, structure and bounty allocation at any time if necessary. Any such changes will be announced here in this Bounty Thread.

~ Individuals must apply to each campaign separately. These applications are linked at the end of each campaign section.

~ All participants will be required to submit a weekly form to this BitcoinTalk Thread by Sunday 11:59 MST each week in order to receive credit for their stakes. This form can be found in the information for each campaign.

~ Do not quote your previous reports, you must submit a new report each week. Also do not edit any old reports as we will not check these.

***These rules here are not a complete list, the complete detailed rules for the entirety of the EZ365 Bounty Program including each individual campaign may be found  Here

More info about  EZ365 ICO Bounty by this link

Full ICO Bounty list

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