FidelityHouse ICO rating and analysis: 94 out of 100 points


FidelityHouse ICO rating

Total score: 94 out of 100 points!

Business (18 out of 20 points)

Today FidelityHouse is a Social Content Network that allows users to be updated on their own interests, publish contents earning on views and be part of a fun and innovative community.

The consolidated experience of the Italian project, born with zero marketing budget, thanks to the unique performance together with important recognitions, become in a few years one of the leading websites in Italy with 750 million page views per year.

FidelityHouse ICO mission is to become a reference platform for authors and publishers of original and high quality contents, offering services aimed at their attribution, protection and monetization.

Taking advantage of the new technological paradigm it is possible to make content lifecycle management fairer and more transparent, formalising and certifying the relationship between author and Publisher.

FidelityHouse ICO is the first Publisher to choose this innovative approach, that takes advantage of the blockchain technology, as the basis of the editorial project, making it at the same time accessible to independent authors and third-party publishers through the services offered by FidelityHouse Chain.

Problems and Solutions by FidelityHouse ICO

Content monetization
Problem: Lack of clarity on real earnings
FidelityHouse ICO solution: Transparency of monetization via “Proof of revenue”

Contents published by authors
Problem: Platform property
FidelityHouse ICO solution: Owned by user and licensed to the platform

Revenue share with users
Problem: Unclear earnings identification mechanisms
FidelityHouse ICO solution: Identification of each adv space real monetization

Payments to users
Problem: Arbitrary and with high minimum thresholds
FidelityHouse ICO solution: Provided by smart contract and with user-configurable thresholds

Advantages of FidelityHouse Chain

  • Unequivocal attribution of content and value chain
  • Transparency “by design” is defined in a contract with the user and implemented technically
  • Trustability of the entire chain guaranteed by the union of «open code» and blockchain
  • Opening the platform to third parties who want to use its innovation and functionalities
  • Monetization traceability with a logic of “certification”
  • Immutability of transactions – for the purpose of establishing a relationship based on trust between platform, authors, moderators and advertisers
  • Progressive decentralization of all functions
  • Adoption of a mature ecosystem (Ethereum)
  • Progressive automation of the entire process
  • Encryption is used to prevent privacy or policy partners violations

The project undertakes an important problem for this market. Using the blockchain technology (FidelityHouse Chain), the project solves a whole range of problems in this market.


Product readiness (5 out of 5 points)

FidelityHouse project exist on the market since 2011.

The success of FidelityHouse in Italy is told by many achievements: the project, born with zero marketing budget and became soon one of the main websites in the Italian panorama, reaching 750 million page views per year and getting important awards worldwide.


One example is the recent entry of Horizon Group (owner of FidelityHouse) in the FT1000, the Financial Times list of 1000 European companies with the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue, placing at 490th in Europe and 42nd in Italy.

White Paper (10 out of 10 points)

FidelityHouse WhitePaper gives an overview of the business and specifies the advantages of the system. Market analysis gives proper information about its state and explains the position of FidelityHouse in this market.

The content of the documents is presented in structured manner and it provides understanding of the logic of the system.


Roadmap (8 out of 10 points)

Roadmap contains sufficiently detailed stages of project realization. Plans look realistic thus the project can comply with the timeline of its implementation.

Q4 2018 MVP FidelityHouse Chain “proof of authorship”
Q1 – Q2 2019 Presale – ICO – MVP FidelityHouse Chain “proof of license”
Q3 – Q4 2019 MVP FidelityHouse Chain “proof of revenue”. MVP community in English. Strategic growth in author acquisition
Q1 2020 iOS and Android native App. Multilingual support and content translation service. Creation of a Network for premium publisher partners
Q2 2020 Direct adv sale in FidelityHouse Coin, Sponsored content, special projects
Q3 2020 FidelityHouse Chain feature Extension, Analytics extended features for users and advertisers
Q4 2020 B2B content marketplace in FidelityHouse Coin


Legal (5 out of 5 points)

FidelityHouse International SA a legal person established under Switzerland’s law
Address: Via Guido Calgari 2 6900 Lugano, Svizzera

Legal proof link

Also FidelityHouse  have a legal advisor

Gianvirgilio Cugini – Legal Advisor
Lawyer registered in the list of EU and AELS Lawyers of Canton Ticino, Switzerland and in the Bar Association of Brescia-Italy. Member of the IFA- International Fiscal Association -and of the Chamber of Tax Lawyers in Milan.

Arianna Bonaldo – Tax Advisor
International tax advisor and Chartered accountant, qualified to practice in Switzerland and Italy. Graduated in Economics and Corporate Law at the Bocconi University with also a law degree obtained at LIUC University in Castellanza.


Team (16 out of 20 points)

The team has a great experience in this market and fully well understands the problems and all points of this sphere.


Francesco Fasanaro – CEO & Founder
Has been a successful digital entrepreneur for over 11 years with almost 3 million euros invoiced in 2017. Founder and CEO Horizon Group Srl since 2007. Horizon Group is an independent digital company with 11 years of history and is the owner of FidelityHouse Italia and FidelityHouse International SA

Alessandro Benini – Co-founder, CMO, Project Manager
Business partner of Horizon Group Srl since 2008. He is among the leading experts in digital advertising in Italy with 20 years of experience.

Alessandro Bellato – Co-founder, CTO
in 2014 he created a leading Italian Security Operation Center with more than 2000 customers handled. Active in blockchain from 2010. In 2013, he founded Nethive, vertical Sistem Integrator.

FidelityHouse ICO is supported by a large number of advisors, and we hope that their expertise will help create a better service.

Vladimir Nikitin – legal consultant with more than ten years’ experience in the legal, finance retail and IT industries.

Simon Cocking – Senior Editor at Irish Tech News, Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews

Nikolay Shkilev – He is rated as one of the Top 5 individuals demonstrating knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology. Nikolay has 20 years of experience in large-scale transaction projects. He received several awards and titles in the IT business.

Alvise Saccomani – A successful leader in finance with over 11+ years of experience, specializing in Quant Trading, Asset and Risk Management.

Francesco Nazari Fusetti – Serial digital entrepreneur. CEO and co-founder of CharityStars (3 million euros collected from VC) he created an ICO reaching Hard Cap with 14,333 Eth collected for AidCoin which he founded.

Giacomo Arcaro – is one of the most experienced European Growth Hacker. He’s Professor at Collège Des Ingénieurs, TAG Innovation School, founder of Black Marketing Guru and Confindustria Speaker.

The team is very strong, and many of team members have been working together for more than 2 years.

FidelityHouse ICO rating and analysis: 94 out of 100 points

Horizon Group (owner of FidelityHouse)


ICO terms  (4 out of 5 points)

Token Name: FidelityHouse Coin
Token Symbol: FIH
Total FIH token amount:
Available in Presale/ICO (hard cap): 500.000.000
Emission rate: New tokens will not ever be created. All the unsold tokens will be destroyed.
Conversion rate: 1 FIH = 0,0002 ETH
ICO Dates: 14 December 2018, at 2.00 pm – 13 April 2019, at 2.00 pm

ICO Bonus system
Pre-Sale: +27%
WEEKS 1-3: +15%
WEEKS 4-5: +10%
WEEKS 6-7: +5%



In order to encourage all participants in FidelityHouse Coins presale and/or ICO to hold purchased tokens until the release of the product MVP, FidelityHouse provides an Airdrop operation.
All participants in FidelityHouse Coin presale and/or ICO will receive an airdrop, based on the number of tokens purchased during the sale and unmoved for 3, 6 and 9 months after the actual ICO closing date (April 13rd 2019). The structure of the Airdrop operation will be as follows:
Private sale, Presale, ICO : 3 months – 1,5%, 6 months 2,50%, 9 months 6,00%
ONLY the tokens purchased during private sale, presale and ICO will be counted for the Airdrop. If tokens are moved you will lose the right to receive the airdrop for the amount moved. For example, if you purchase 100,000 FIH and move 40,000 FIH before the vesting period, you will receive the airdrop only on the amount unmoved (60,000 FIH).


Token applying  (5 out of 5 points)

FidelityHouse ICO Token is the cryptocurrency that allows you to enjoy all the services of the platform and monetize the value generated from authors contents.

Customers will be offered the ability to buy visibility, through adv space, sponsored articles or interests, paying in FidelityHouse Coins.

The capabilities of semantic advertising based on keywords completely controlled by advertisers combined with the unique characteristics of FidelityHouse Chain represent a significant growth factor for the platform and FidelityHouse Coin.

FidelityHouse Chain, FidelityHouse Coin and semantic advertising platform will be made available as “turn key” SDK for third-party publishers to transfer to the market the same benefits of automation and transparency for the advertiser.

Even independent authors (not associated with any publisher partner) can take advantage of the services offered by FidelityHouse Chain by paying subscription plans or fees in FidelityHouse Coins.

In order to attract advertisers looking for new “in target” (for combinations of keywords) for premium campaigns, multiple editors that share the use of the platform will be aggregated in a collaborative network.

The characteristics of transparency “by design” guaranteed by FidelityHouse Chain will ensure full visibility to publishers, advertisers and customers ensuring KPI certified by blockchain technology.

The use of tokens absolutely reasonable in this economic and logical model. 


ICO Promotion  (15 out of 20 points)

The team participates in specialized conferences and forums with road show:

MediaWIRED, Forbes, Financail Times, Irishtechnews, and other well known online media

FidelityHouse collaborate closely with partners such as:

  • GroupM -the world’s largest media investment group with more than $113.8bn billings (RECMA 2018). We’re responsible for one in three ads globally.
  • Dentsu – provides communication-related integrated solutions and such services as management and business consulting
  • PubMatic – automation solutions company for an open digital media industry.
  • Rubicon project – automated advertising platform.

We see growing traffic trends:


The project team interact with the community by Telegram (more than 95000 members for now), Twitter and Medium.

All of these factors will lead to success ICO.


Visit:  FidelityHouse ICO site and FidelityHouse ICOnow page


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