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Flying Money Ltd (Flying Money) is holding a Token Generation Event (TGE) for the sale of FML Tokens.Flying Money is holding a Bounty Campaign, a program to reward supporters who will help promote the TGE.

Participants in the Bounty Campaign are rewarded with FML tokens. A total of 2,500,000 FML Tokens from the TGE will be allocated to the Bounty Pool for eligible Bounty Participants. There is no direct correlation between bounty reward points and the individual allocation of FML tokens. The tokens will be distributed as follows:

Flying Money ICO Bounty

Terms and Conditions
General rules

1. The Bounty program starts on the 5th February 2018, and ends on the 30th of April 2018.
2. 2,500,000 FML tokens are allocated to the Bounty campaigns pool.
3. One user can participate only with one account. In case that we note any double-registrations, duplicate accounts (except the initial one) will be
permanently banned from the campaign.
4. As a reward for the Bounty activities, you receive FML tokens. Results will be declared 3 weeks after the close of the Bounty via the Bounty tracking
spreadsheet and tokens distributed as per the FML token issue roadmap. The tokens are allocated to your wallet within 3 weeks of the FML tokens
becoming available.
5. Facebook and Twitter bounties will be counted after the end of the campaign. No intermediate total will be displayed.
6. To participate in the Bounty campaign, you must be at least 18 years old.
7. For technical support during the Bounty campaign, please contact us on


Moderator : Flying Money

Translation Campaign


Earn token as a reward for translating the ANN Thread of Flying Money, by moderating the thread and keeping it active by posting regular updates, News or Any Important Announcements in the LOcalized Announcement Thread.

Warning : A single Post dead thread is useless for the project and will not be considered for rewards. We expect from the ANN translator to take the responsibility to moderate their threads by keeping them active with translated official announcement, news and updates regularly. If translators just post threads and leaves them with no update, they will either see a 50% reduction in thier rewards or be disqualified from bounty campaign. There are additional Rewards For Active Moderation.

Payment : 5% of total Bounty Pool is dedicated to translation & Moderation/Management.

Setting Up a local telegram Channel for your Language with Fetch you 1 stake/member at end of the Campaign.

Whitepaper : 400 Stakes
ANN thread : 100 Stakes
Bounty Thread : 100 Stakes
Moderation/ Managemnet : 5 Stakes per Valid Post

Posting the translated announcement in local cryptocurrency forum will be rewarded with 5-25 5-25 Stakes/Website, Depending on the popularity it gains.

For Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian Website where you post, The rewards will be 2x

Notice : IF the announcement gets very Little or No traction at all, The post will not be considered Valid for stakes.

1. To reserve a language you must Fill Up the BOUNTY REGISTRATION FORM
2. join TELEGRAM.

Rules :
1. The translation should be your Original Work. Use of tools such as google translator, Automatic translators is not Permitted.
2. Creation of unnecessary posts to increase stakes numbers is discouraged. Unnecessary posts will not be considered valid for reward.
3. The bounty manager and the team Reserves Their Right ro make changes to there terms or Apply new ones.

White Paper Translations Already Reserved : Spanish , Vietnamese, Russian, Korean, Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian

ANN & Bounty Thread Translation Already Reserved : Indonesian

Creative Campaign


Flying Money awards writers, bloggers, journalists and video editors with FML tokens for publishing quality content about our project.

Payment : 20% of Bounty tokens are allocated for this bounty.

Blogs & Articles about Flying Money
You can write and publish blogs or articles, in any of the official Flying Money White Paper translated languages, of at least 250 words containing at least two links to the Flying Money Website. The two links to the Website need to be properly referenced and related to the content of the blog post or published article.

100+ Followers      –    1 Stake
250+ Followers      –    4 Stakes
500+ Followers      –    10 Stakes
1000+ Followers    –    20 Stakes
5000+ Followers    –    50 Stakes

Effort : Only 1 Article Per week Per account is allowed

10+ USD in the End OF ICO    –   1 Stake
25+ USD in the End OF ICO    –   4 Stakes
50+ USD in the END Of ICO    –   10 Stakes
100+ USD in the End of ICO    –    20 Stakes
300+ USD in the End of ICO    –   50 Stakes

Effort : Only 1 Article per week per account is allowed

Freelance Bloggers
1 Stake Per Unique Content

Rules :
1. The content Should be high quality & meaningful.
2. Tags & Topic for Article Publication should be around cryptocurrency, ICO, and blockchain.
3. You may publish your article on any Cryptocurrency/Blockchain related channel/collection apart from your profile and if the followers of that channel/collection exceed the followers on your own profile, then the Stakes will be calculated according to the number of followers of that particular channel/collection.
4. Articles removed from the channel/collection before the end of the ICO will not be considered.
5. Duplicate Content will lead to disqualification from the Bounty program.
6. Only 3 posts of a person are accepted on these platforms.
7. The article or description of the video must contain at least 1 link to our website and 1 link either to the Whitepaper or to the official ANN thread. The article or description must also contain a link to your BTT profile in order to prove your authorship.
8. Each article must contain at least 225 words & contain link to

Publishing On Different News Website
Blockchain/Crypto News Website
Visibility on a Listed Website   –   500 Stakes  (Click Here For List of Website)
Visibility on any other  website if the website traffic is as following–
1M+        –      300 Stakes
750k+     –      250 Stakes
500k+     –      200  Stakes
100k+     –      150 Stakes
50k+       –      100 Stakes
25k+       –        50 Stakes

Main Stream Publications
Visibility on Listed Website     –   400 Stakes  (Click Here For List of Website)
Visibility on any other  website if the website traffic is as following–
5M+        –        250 Stakes
1M+        –         175 Stakes
500k+     –         100 Stakes
250k+     –          50 Stakes

Rules :
1. Content should be unique, high quality and meaningful. Duplicate content will lead to disqualification from the Bounty program.
2. Content should not have any negative comments about Flying Money.
3. Approval rights are reserved with Flying Money team.

Youtube Videos About Flying Money
Youtube Channels Related to Cryptocurrencies

100+ Subscribers      –   50 Stakes
500+ Subscribers      –   75 Stakes
1k+ Subscribers        –   100 Stakes
5k+ Subscribers        –   150 Stakes
10k+ Subscribers      –   250 Stakes

Effort : Only 1 video per week per account is allowed

Rules :
1. Content about Flying Money should be a minimum of 2 mins.
2. Content should be original and high quality.
3. Approval Rights are reserved with Flying Money team.

Twitter Campaign


Earn Tokens as a reward for tweeting about Flying Money and for retweeting Flying Money official announcements.

Payment : 15% of Total Bounty will be allocated to Twitter

Tier 4       : Having 100+ followers        –  1 stake/week
Tier 3       : Having 250+ followers        –  2 stakes/week
Tier 2       : Having 6,50+ followers       –  5 stakes/week
Tier 1       : Having  1000+ followers     –  10 stakes/week
Tier 0       : Having 5,000+ followers     –  15 stakes/week
Extra Tier : Having 15,000+ followers    –  25 stakes/week

How to Apply
1. Firstly, follow us here: @flyingmoney_io
2. Create at least 5 tweets a week around Flying Money & Re-tweet all the important Flying Money announcements.

Rules :
1. Twitter audit must be equal to or greater than 85%.
2. Must make at least 5 tweets about Flying Money per week with a minimum of 6 hours of gap between consecutive Tweets.
3. Retweet all of Flying Money’s official announcements.
4. All the Tweets & Retweets should have the website link & #FlyingmoneyICO.
5. Don’t post all content on a single day. Plan the tweets in a manner that enhances the followers’ knowledge about Flying Money and keeps them
updated them updated about all essential developments concerning Flying Money.
6. The follower count at the time of the registration will be freezed till the end of the campaign. Followers added during the campaign will not be
7. Multiple accounts are not allowed. Anyone having multiple accounts will be disqualified from the bounty program, and no bounty will be rewarded for
any of the accounts.
8. Change in payment addresses is not permitted, so make sure that you provide the correct details the first time itself.

Facebook Campaign


Earn Tokens as a Reward for getting people to like Flying Money Facebook Page and sharing Flying money Official Announcements.

Payment :  15% of Total Bounty will be allocated to Facebook

Tier 5: Having 200+ friends   : 1 stake/week
Tier 4: Having 500+ friends   : 2 stakes/week
Tier 3: Having 1000+ friends : 5 stakes/week
Tier 2: Having 2000+ friends : 10 stakes/week
Tier 1: Having 5000+ friends : 15 stakes/week

How to Apply
1. Firstly, Like our Facebook Page here:
2. Make a post about the FlyingMoney Token Sale and include 2 links – one of the website and one of the Bitcointalk Thread. (Will be added soon)
3. Share all posts published on Flyingmoney’s official social media channels.
4. Write a minimum of 3 posts in a week with Website/Bitcointalk Thread Link & #FlyingmoneyICO.
5. Only 1 post will be considered as valid per account per day.

Rules :
1. You must have a minimum of 200 friends.
2. Your Facebook account must not be fake, inactive or a bot account. Only original Facebook accounts will be accepted.
3. You must be an active and regular Facebook user, and must share and like FlyingMoney official posts and updates.
4. Your account must be open as a Public Profile and all posts shared need to be public as well.
5. Multiple accounts are not allowed. Anyone having multiple accounts will be disqualified from the bounty program, and no bounty will be rewarded for any of the accounts.
6. Don’t post all content on a single day. Plan the tweets in a manner that enhances the followers’ knowledge about Flying Money and keeps them updated them updated about all essential developments concerning Flying Money.

Signature Campaign


Join our Signature Campaign to help spread the word about Flying Money on Bitcointalk. You will be rewarded with Flying Money tokens for your contribution.

Payment : 20% of Total Bounty Pool Will be devoted to Signature Campaign Participants.

Payment will be based on weekly stakes:

Newbie                      : 2 stakes/Week
Jr Member                 : 7 stakes / Week
Member                     : 15 stakes / Week
Full Member               : 30 stakes / Week
Sr Member                 : 50 stakes / Week
Hero and Legendary    : 80 stakes / Week

You will receive 5 additional stakes every week for wearing Personal Text and Avatar.

How to Apply
1. Add Signature to your Forum Profile
2. Make 10 constructive posts per week for each week of participation in the Bounty campaign.
3. Wear the signature until the end of the Campaign.

Rules :
1. The Signature should be retained until the end of the ICO. Removing the signature before the specified time will result in a disqualification from the Bounty campaign.
2. The eligibility for reward entails creating a minimum of 10 posts per week.
3. Only those Posts which are useful and constructive will be included in the 10 Post per week goal. Posts that are off-topic, or simply made with the intention of raising post count will be not be considered valid.
4. A post must have a minimum length of 75 Characters to be considered eligible.
5. Retain your signature until the Spreadsheet is updated with your final post count, for at least one more week. Removing the signature before post count will render your efforts useless.