FUNCTION X ICO Bounty Program


The FUNCTION X ICO Bounty Program provides bounties for educating and advocating the Function X blockchain ecosystem and XPhone, the world-first blockchain phone.

Function X  Foundation is a nonprofit, independent organization that supports the growth of the Function X ICO Ecosystem, a next-generation internet service framework, built entirely on and for the blockchain. It is a completely new ecosystem providing a novel service framework by improving the existing internet and blockchain architectures, combining the benefits of both and using the most commonly used technical solutions.

This is NOT an ICO project. FX token is already actively traded in the major exchanges, including Bittrex, Kucoin, Bithumb Global, and Upbit Indonesia.

A total of 0.2% of total supply FX tokens (757,210 tokens) will be given out as bounty, which is worth approximately 300,000 USD as of today or are reserved for the Bounty Campaigns.

Period: 3 months
Start date: ‪19th July 2019‬‬‬
End date: ‪18th October 2019‬‬‬

Total Bounty Pool will be divided As Follows:
Twitter  = 30% (227,163 FX)
Creative  = 30% (227,163 FX)
XWallet = 30% (227,163 FX)
Special Community = 10% (75,721FX)

Twitter Function X ICO Bounty Rules

* Maximum 2 tweets a week (3 days gap) and account > 6 months old
* Twitter audit has to be >95%
* Posting in any language is allowed
* 1 Tweet = 1 Stake
* Weightage +1 for each 100 “net positive” user.
Eg: If a user has 6,000 followers and followed 1,000 users, you will have +50 “net positive” weightage, and you will get 50 Stakes (1*50).
If you follow more people than followers your “net positive” is 0, hence there will be no bounty reward.
* Extra Weightage * 2 for educational tweets (make your followers easily understand the project and the impact of its technology will bring to the world) and retweeted by Function X Twitter handle.
Please tag Function X Twitter handle and tech influencers when making these tweets.
Eg: If a user has 6,000 followers and followed 1,000 users, you will have +50 “net positive” weightage, and if you have retweeted with educational comment your weightage will be 100 Stakes (2*50).
* Bounty week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.

Blog / Video / Design Function X Bounty Rules

* Creative includes blog post, video post, and designs
* Submission has to be original – no blatant copying. We reserve the right to not reward plagiarized content.
* We allow content in any language as long as it has outstanding reach or originality.
* Blogs can be on the Reddit, Medium, BitcoinTalk or any local and international sites that have great outreach.
* Videos is only on Youtube.
* Design items can be dedicated website, comics, giveaways, music, merchandise etc. Be creative.
* One link of your own Bitcointalk ID has to be present in the article / description to prove it is original content.

More info about FUNCTION X ICO Bounty by this link

Full ICO Bounty list

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