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FundersToken is a company that provides flexible solutions to simplify the development and distribution of blockchain business infrastructure. We have eliminated the needs for coding for a company to build any needed blockchain component in their system.

The Bounty will end on 30 July 2018 @ 23:59 GMT.
Bounty yet to be distributed. Will keep this thread alive until then.

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We are excited to announce the launch of our FundersToken Bounty Program! Promote  and get FSTs for Free. We would like to benefit our FundersToken users directly through this Bounty Program. Participate in the FundersToken Bounty Program now!

Token Sale Price:  1 ETH =  3300 FST | 6 FST = $1

The FundersToken Bounty Campaign consists of 5 categories:
1. Telegram Campaign
3. Youtube Campaign
4. Twitter Campaign
5. Written Content Campaign
6. TestNet Campaign

In addition, we have a Bonus Bounty Campaign to reward exceptional individuals to reward FundersToken Telegram Community members who make outstanding contributions to help grow our community on Telegram and other outreach channels.

TestNet Program


FundersToken are the AWS for blockchain providing modular blockchain infrastructure.. Sign up for our testnet.

100,000 FSTs

What must be done
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Sign up using and email address.
Step 3: Fill this Google form –

• You must sign up and create your own Token.


20 FSTs for each Sign Up

Content Creation Campaign


FST will reward written content on quality reviews about FundersToken and the FST Token Sale across media platforms such as blogs, forums, Facebook, Reddit, Steemit, and more. As a guideline, you can include:
1) FST Review (top 5 reasons to invest, etc).
2) Tutorials on the entire funding process on FundersToken TestNet version.
3) How FundersToken could change how blockchain business are created.
4) Other Use Cases how the FundersToken Application could apply.

50,000 FSTs

What must be done
Step 1: Create an article based on conditions given below.
Step 2: Post your article on main content platform such as blogs, forums, Facebook, Reddit, Steemit, Medium and more.
Step 3: Fill this Google form –

1. The content should be original. Plagiarizing, copying, or translating existing content is prohibited and will lead to disqualification.
2. 500 characters minimum for posts/articles.
3. You can use our official images, logos, graphics, from our website and in the FundersToken thread.
4. Links to FundersToken website and or FundersToken social media must be included.
5. Medium, Steemit, and other general/free blogging platforms are allowed but only one post on those platforms per user accepted.
6. Maximum 3 articles per writer.
7. Ownership of your blog or media must be proved.
8. Blog post should remain online till the end of the token sale.
9. Low-quality articles will not be accepted.


Tier 1 (Excellent): 200 FSTs
Tier 2 (Good): 100 FSTs
Tier 3 (Average): 50 FSTs

Twitter Campaign


FundersToken is the AWS for blockchain. Join the Twitter campaign to help spread the word about FundersToken.

50000 FSTs

What must be done
Step 1: Follow FundersToken on Twitter –
Step 2: Fill this Google form with your Twitter username –
Step 3: Share + create original tweets related to FundersToken.
Step 4: Post links to Bitcointalk Bounty Thread.

1 Your Twitter account must have minimum 500 friends.
2 Your Twitter account must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted.
3 You must be an active and regular Twitter user, and must be retweeting our FundersToken official posts and updates.
4 Account must be open as a Public Profile.


20 FSTs is available per user per week.

Youtube Campaign


Due to the overwhelming amount of submissions which ranges widely in quality, we will implement a tiered system to evaluate these submissions.

50000 FST (Leftover Bounty will be given to individuals with exceptional performance)

What must be done
Step 1: Create a video based on the conditions given below.
Step 2: Fill this Google form –

1. No negative smear campaigns about FundersToken or the FST Token Sale and videos must not devalue FST. Honest criticism and remarks are appreciated.
2. Video is at least 30 seconds long.
3. Videos that follow our brief guidelines here will be prioritized for rewards.
4. Any abuse will result in suspension of all Bounty applications.


Tier 1 (Excellent): 2,000 FSTs
Tier 2 (Good): 1,500 FSTs
Tier 3 (Average): 500 FSTs
Note : Users who submit a qualified youtube video will get at least tier 3 = 250 FSTs

Telegram Campaign


Telegram is the primary community channel for the FST Token Sale. Do join our Telegram supergroup to be part of the FST community and receive new updates.

10000 FST

What must be done
Step 1: Join and stay in
Step 2: Fill this Google form –
Step 3: Use ‘Add member’ function to invite 1 friend to the telegram and get him/her to fill in the google form as well.

1. Only one Telegram registration per user.
2. Only two friends invited will be counted.
3. Must remain in the Telegram group chat until the ICO ends.
4. Any abuse will result in an account ban and Bounty applications.
5. No spam or foul language against FundersToken communities.
6. Do not discuss the bounty in telegram.
7. Make a contribution to the Telegram channel by asking an interesting question or remark or posting an original idea.


20 FSTs when you first join our Telegram group.
20 FSTs for both you and 1 friend when you invite them to our channel.