What are stakes?
Example: If the total amount of GMD Tokens (Geoma ICO) that will be distributed at the end of the campaign is 45,000 GMD Tokens. This amount will be distributed proportional to the number of stakes the person has gained over the course of the campaign. For instance, if the total number of stakes gained for the signature campaign is 3200 with a bounty pool allocation of 20% and the user has gained 13 stakes. Then he will receive [45,000 * 0.20 * (13/3200)] = 36.5625 GMD Tokens

General Geoma ICO BOUNTY

  • This campaign will be very selective and will only accept high-quality campaign participants.
  • The Geoma DAO team & Bounty Manager have all the right to accept or decline any applications or entries submitted by any user.
  • Make sure to know if you are qualified to participate before joining this campaign by checking the spreadsheet.
  • All the Bounty Stakes, rules, qualifications, tasks are made at Geoma DAO & Bounty Manager’s discretion.
  • Geoma DAO & The ICO Bounty Manager reserves all right for changing the rules, qualifications, and tasks on any campaign category at any given time.
  • If any spamming, fake/multiple accounts, plagiarism, automated likes, shares or upvotes, burst-posting, low-quality posts/content creation, or any other means of cheating is found;
  • Geoma DAO Team and the Campaign Manager is authorized to disqualify the participant on all campaign categories and will not be eligible for any rewards.
  • Weekly reports must be submitted by posting on this bounty thread every week using the format for each campaign category that requires it.
  • Bounty pool allocated to any campaign category will be 50% less if we have less than 100 valid participants on each respective campaign category.
  • All participants must complete the required tasks, comply with the rules and qualifications in order to be eligible weekly stakes.
  • Participating on this bounty campaign means you have agreed and complied with the general campaign rules and specific campaign rules of each campaign categories.


More info about Geoma ICO Bounty by this link

Full ICO Bounty list

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