Grabity ICO Bounty


Grabity ICO launches an official bounty campaign.
We invite everyone interested to join and help us grow a large and strong community.

Grabity ICO is a public Blockchain project, for the transformation of the Internet paradigm from centralized network to a distributed network.
Current hardware performance has improved dramatically, even enough for smartphones to have better performance than previous servers.
However, it does not use 100% of storage space or computing power. Anyone can share computer resources through already-possessed idle devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs, and users can receive rewards as much as they provide resources.

1. Write a post in this topic with confirmation of joining the bounty campaign
2. Weekly report in this thread until Monday 00:00 (UTC+09:00) – Separate Posts for Each Campaign.
3. Edited posts will not be counted. Every week a new post.
4. Reports with quote are not accepted.
5. Grabity may copy, modify, reprocess and use the contents submitted at anytime
6. ALL bounty participants must participate in the Bounty Campaign Channel
7. All the contents from the Bounty Program must remain until the program ends
8. Multiple registration account is forbidden. Only one account can participate, or else be disqualified
9. You can participate only in contents created by yourself. Plagiarism or copying contents from others is prohibited
10. Any application with improper information regarding Grabity will be disqualified without notice
11. Application is permitted in any language
12. Previous participants must continue to fill the registration form and proof-of-authentication in each week in order to continue participating.
13. You must submit your form via the link immediately after participating in the bounty. Do not upload false information
14. You can not change the Ethereum address from the submission form
15. No additional reward will be provided after the official end of the bounty program
16. Grabity Bounty Manager reserves the right to change terms and rules or do any reasonable changes including payment structure and amount
17. Any form of assault is prohibited
18. GBT token reward is for each individual campaign. (Campaign GBT * Individual Stack / All Stack for each campaign)
19. If you fail to observe all the precautions above, you will permanently lose your participation in the bounty program and your reward status

Bounty Campaign

Join & Follow Campaign: 10% 35,000,000 GBT (525 ETH , $105,000)
Contents Campaign: 30% 105,000,000 GBT (1,575 ETH , $315,000)
Signature Campaign: 20% 70,000,000 GBT (1,050 ETH , $210,000)
YouTube Campaign: 20% 70,000,000 GBT (1,050 ETH , $210,000)
ANN Campaign: 10% 35,000,000 GBT (525 ETH , $105,000)
Facebook Campaign: 5% 17,500,000 GBT (262.5 ETH , $52,500)
Twitter Campaign: 5% 17,500,000 (262.5 ETH , $52,500)

BOUNTY PROGRAM: Total of 350,000,000GBT (5,250ETH , $1,050,000) will be distributed according to the stakes among participants

Grabity ICO Bounty page