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GRAMATON Token is a crowdfunding cryptocurrency with a large-scale mining operation. Our community is based on people who want to profitably mine cryptocurrencies by using daily the Max Output Process. With our top-of-the-class ASIC machines, eco-friendly “free cooling” systems and one of the lowest cost electricity – 0.05 kWh/€ allows us to efficiently invest our funds into the best equipment at the lowest possible prices and distributing the rest to the Grammaton Community(ie: GRAN token holders)

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Welcome to the official Gramaton Token BitcoinTalk Bounty Thread!

General Rules
1.All token Allocation will take place after the ICO.
2.Post must have links to our website and whitepaper.
3.Posts with less than 75 characters will not be counted.
4.Spam and Trolling is strictly not allowed.
5.If you get negative trust or banned from forum for whatever reasons,you will be disqualified and no stakes will be rewarded to you.
6.Multiple accounts are not allowed and users found using more than one account will be disqualified.
7.You must not remove signature and avatar during entire period of campaign and until allowed to do so by campaign manager.
8.You must wear Avatar also.
9.Participant must be an active Bitcointalk user with no negative trust.
10.We reserve our right to change bounty campaign rules at any given time!
All token Allocation will take place after the ICO.We reserve our right to eliminate you if we think you haven’t been honest with your work.
Bounty starts 20 May!
For any questions about the bounty campaign, please contact one of our support at telegram :

Bounty Allocation
Total Tokens for Bounty – 5,000,000
Twitter Bounty : 20%
Facebook Bounty : 20%
Translation and Moderation Campaign : 20%
Media Bounty (Youtube, Blog) : 25%
Others : 15%

Facebook Campaign


1.You must follow/like our Facebook page :
2.Post must have links to our website and whitepaper.
3.Maximum 5 custom post per user / week.
4.Everyone has to report their custom Posts every week.
5.You must have at least 100 friends or 100 followers.


>100 Followers/Friends – 1 Stake
>1000 Followers/Friends – 2 Stakes
>2500 Followers/Friends – 3 Stakes
>5000 Followers/Friends – 4 Stakes
>10,000 Followers/Friends – 6 Stakes
>60,000 Followers/Friends – 8 Stakes

Translation Campaign


1.Google translation will not be accepted.
2.You must keep your thread updated
3.If you want to apply for a language you must talk to our manager on telegram or by email.


ANN + Bounty Threads: 60 stakes + 1 stake per valid post
Whitepaper translation: 300 stakes
Proofreading of Whitepaper: 65 stakes

Video,Blog,Article Campaign


1.Your video must be 1:30 minutes longer and you must have at least 200 subscribers
2.You must have links to our website and whitepaper.
3.Your Medium/SteemIT or any other free blogging blog page should have at least 100 followers.
4.Your article must be original and contain at least 250 words.


Video Reward – 500 GRAN
Blog Reward – 300 GRAN
Article Reward – 150 GRAN

Twitter Campaign


1.All participants must follow our official Twitter account
2.You must to have at least 100 real followers.
3.Everyone has to report their custom Tweets every week.
4.Max. 5 custom tweets per user / week.
5.We will check every participant to make sure their Twitter account is genuine.


>100 Followers – 1 Stake
>1000 Followers – 2 Stakes
>2500 Followers – 3 Stakes
>5,000 Followers – 4 Stakes
>10,000 Followers – 6 Stakes
>60,000 Followers – 8 Stakes