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Updated: by new rating system HOQU ICO Rating 88 out of 100 points!

hoqu ico rating


HOQU is a decentralized affiliate platform that combines a performance-marketing model and blockchain technology. The project concept is the creation of a decentralized ecosystem, on the basis of which CPA-services will be built, including affiliate programs and networks as well as related products. HOQU will combine advertisers, networks and affiliates into a single platform, significantly reducing the financial costs of all market participants.

Despite the fact that the CPA market is very competitive and well-established, nothing extraordinary happened in this market, working model remains the same for a long time. Such kind of “stagnation” in the market caused number of standard problems for all market participants. HOQU project approached to problems solutions by the means of blockchain technology, smart contracts, its ideas and already existing innovative solutions on the market.
We believe that this approach stand a good chance to change the market of CPA-services. However, during the project development, it is needed to take into account all its features and aspects, and for this purpose it is required to deeply understand the market and its features.


There are people in the project team who personally worked in this market:

Alexey Shmonov – Co-founder of one of Russia’s first affiliate networks Marketcall

Maxim Anikeev – Co-founder and CEO of Promopage (one of the top companies in marketing and SEO promotion in Russia). Alexander Duzhnikov – co-founder of Russia’s largest real estate website Move.Ru

Timur Poltorykhin – Former CEO at Leadmonster.com

Other team members also have a lot of experience in IT projects on top positions. All people are public and famous in the market.

The technical team of the project is formed and already involved in development process.

Advisors of the project have very broad experience (finance, marketing, blockchain, investments, communications), which will allow only to take into account different sphere aspects during project creation, as a matter of fact that HOQU builds an entire ecosystem for marketing.

Thus we see that the team is able to deliver the project targets.


What kind of problems this industry faces now and how can the project solve them?

On the part of affiliates to advertisers – using of grey schemes to obtain personal client data, taking of actions for which payment (call, registration, etc.) is conducted by its employees
On the part of affiliate networks – to show advertisers unreasonably high number of leads, and to affiliate an understated number of leads, thereby obtaining additional, dishonest profits.
On the part of advertisers in relation to affiliates – to inform affiliate that the order is not delivered and due to this not to pay the fee for this order.

According to the assessment results of The & Partnership marketing company and Adloox audit company, in 2017 advertisers losses due to fraud facts can reach $ 16.4 billion (this is more than 6.5% of the world market of Internet advertising).

By using blockchain technology and smart contracts, reputation monitoring system and by means of CPA HOQU system operating, we can completely avoid such kinds of fraud.

Person identification issue
HOQU system uses Civic blockchain platform to identify users.

Result ensuring issue
As for work on performance-marketing model, HOQU is fundamentally different from classic advertising exchanges and is able to show a higher efficiency of advertising campaigns.

Safety ensuring during the work with centralized platform.
Due to blockchain solutions, the platform participants are not linked to each other and will not be harmed in case of hack.

Transparency issue
Smart-contracts mechanisms guarantee transparency and honesty in all system relationships.

Pricing issue
In contrast with centralized affiliate networks, this solution will reduce the fee level and significantly speed up payment processes.

What about the plans?

The project road map shows the period until March 2019.
The launch of the main project is scheduled for September 2018.

November 2017 : Development of the CPL smart contract prototype and the decentralized affiliate application
January 2018 : Development of smart contracts for all payment types (CPA, CPL, CPC, CPS, CPI)
February 2018 : Trackers by payment type
March 2018 : Release of the decentralized affiliate/advertiser application
May 2018 : Decentralized Affiliate Network Application
September 2018 : Launch of the world’s first decentralized affiliate network on the HOQU platform
October 2018 : Release of the appeal center operator and administrator decentralized application
February 2019 : Decentralized platform mobile application
March 2019 : Developer Tool Kit (SDK)

The plan is very realistic and executable, in contrast to number of ICO projects, where unrealistic deadlines are published and then are missed.


The key component in the economy of the HOQU project will be the HQX token, which will be used for payments between platform participants.

HQX tokens will get turnover with the use of:

  • Payment for affiliate network services by advertisers.
  • Payments from affiliate networks.
  • Payments from advertisers to affiliates.
  • HQX will be exchanged on platform-independent exchanges.

As the project developers note, the attracted funds will ensure full development and maintenance of the platform for 3 years. This period is enough for the project to make positive operational profit even on worst case scenario. In case of more optimistic scenario, making positive operational profit is possible after 1.5 years. Thus, token is appropriate for long-term investments before the project launch (September 2018).

Token sale will be finished in February, and the Decentralized Affiliate Network Application will be implemented in May. In addition, in March, Release of the decentralized affiliate/advertiser application will be conducted. All these steps will affect the increase of token value.

Moreover, the project team works closely with the Chinese market, for this reason after the ICO, it is expected that token will enter Chinese market.

HQX token may become interesting for short speculative distances.


The marketing company of the project at ICO stage is impressed by the large number of interviews (Forbes, Coinspeaker, Merkle and other), active participation almost in all social channels (Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, Twitter, Youku, Steemit, Weibo, Medium, Reddit, Wechat) and at conferences (Blockchain Economic Forum, New York, Blockchain Event in Kiev, RBK Conference, Cryptoprism).


Total HOQU ICO rating: 19/20

rating hoqu ico

No SCAM rate: 5 shows the level of trust in the project team and clear allocation of funds.

Marketing rate: 5  this rate shows the level of marketing activities.

Tech rate: 4 the level of technical team.

Business rate: 5  shows how is business model applicated to realities and how it is worked out.

Updated: by new rating system HOQU ICO Rating 88 out of 100 points!

hoqu ico rating

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