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Decentralized platform to simplify the recruitment process. Fiduxa ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 12/02/18 – 12/03/18
Ended ICO : 12/03/18 – 12/06/18

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web site Fiduxa
web site Fiduxa
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web site Fiduxa
web site Fiduxa
web site Fiduxa

About Fiduxa ICO (token sale)

Fiduxa aims to fill the gap between Job Seekers and Corporate Recruiters, Headhunters increasing trust and providing a valuable tool to certify skills provided in the career profile of a job seeker. Along the way, Governments can take advantage of the existence of Fiduxa to provide seamless services to companies who are hiring.

All certified skills and experiences are normalized to help hiring companies and job seekers to easily match required skills with defined experiences and then saved into an immutable ledger guaranteeing both parties trustfulness of the defined skill and certifications.

Within our first standardization model, the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) standard EN 16234-1 is a main element of the ICT Professional Profiles description template. The framework provides a reference of currently 40 competences as required and applied at the ICT workplace, using a common reference language for competences, skills, knowledge and capability levels that can be understood across Europe and internationally.

The e-CF is the result of 10 years continuous development and commitment by the European ICT sector.

As the first sector-specific and workplace oriented implementation of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), the e-CF was created for application by ICT services in public and private organisations, ICT professionals, managers and HR departments, vocational education, higher education and other training, assessment and accreditation bodies, social partners, professional associations, market analysts and policy makers.

The certified skill will be accessible only to people or entities with permissions to do so. Grants to access and validate the data being managed by the job seeker and enforced by Fiduxa.

Corporate Recruiters and Head Hunters will be able to verify candidate skills or experiences provided by the job seeker through accessing the immutable ledger and will be able to cross-check the entity or person who certified the specific skill.

Aside from our general proposition to job seekers and corporations, our product plan will include working in specific verticals where there is a high demand for accurate and reliable documentation. Two of our advisors already cover the technology/security world and healthcare. The latter is a good example where the Fiduxa platform will be highly disruptive as the documentation is complex and highly critical. Other verticals will include highly structured professions such as physical security, engineering, energy, banking, legal and other professions.

Fiduxa, taking experience from public-driven rating systems (analogous to an automated and distributed credit scoring) will also run its own Artificial Intelligence based process, built specifically to rate the certification entities and professionals in order to reduce interest-driven certifications.

Fueling the adoption and usage of Fiduxa is the crypto currency micro payment for data included in the platform. Multiple observers have observed that this new paradigm is applicable to trust. For example, Wired has asked the question “How much should we pay to trust one another?” ( https://www.wired.com/story/how-the-blockchain-is-redefining-trust).

Lastly, Fiduxa will create a secure integration ecosystem for corporations, governments and certification authorities to provide a digital bridge between individuals, companies and countries.

In terms of large scale partnerships, the Fiduxa team is already engaged with universities, certification authorities, recruitment companies and HR departments to work on partnerships. This work will be one of the major tracks of the sales tasks. The team is in the process of closing deals and these will be announced soon.

On the consumer side, the Fiduxa ICO team is very well endowed with digital talent and is going to market with an MVP already built for the first use case, certification. This will help build the user base and be a basis for the further use cases. The target is to bring users to companies with authenticated data.


The FDU token will act as a spur to adoption and retention loyalty program, providing bonuses of tokens for repeated and additional activities.

The FDU Token will serve multiple purposes:

  1. While Silver and Gold certifications are free for the JS/I, Platinum Certification requires a fee to be paid to CP/E, this fee will be paid in FDU
  2. Access to certified data by a REC/HH is free when such data are shared by the owner (JS/I) while REC/HH will have to pay in FDU to access data based on custom searches based on skillset requirements
  3. Gold Certificators will provide their service for free, nevertheless whenever their certification is used successfully by a REC/HH to select a candidate, they will earn FDU tokens as share of the amount paid by the REC/HH for the search performe

Therefore the FDU token will be used as ‘Competencies Currency’ to express value of the whole process.

The FDU token will be the principle method of exchange when transactions occur within the Fiduxa application. It will be traded on relevant exchanges for other crypto currencies and fiat currencies, as well as having a custom gateway run exclusively for Fiduxa, especially in transactions including governments.

The FDU will be an ERC20 standard token on the Ethereum blockchain. The token will have a total issue of 100 million tokens, which will be offered at our ICO Crowdsale, with a portion being retained for advisors and team members.