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Fully developed reward based social video network. BuzzShow ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 12/02/18 – 04/04/18

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web site BuzzShow
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About BuzzShow ICO (token sale)

Buzzshow ICO offers a fresh, decentralized approach to the online video market that will put the power back into the hands of the creators, curators and consumers that form the very foundation of the market. Based on a decentralized ledger system, so that the community of content creators, curators and consumers get to decide among themselves what value they appropriate to each other services, without a central party standing to take majority of the profit. This means an opportunity for all users to get economical rewards every time they register, view, upload, recommend or share a video.

What is Buzzshow?

Buzzshow is one of the first video social network sites that adopt blockchain technology to provide a platform that puts the interests of content creators, curators and viewers first. The blockchain uses Goldies as the cryptocurrency that incentivizes creation, sharing and viewing of videos on BuzzShow.

Members of the platform not only earn as a content creator, but they also earn when they share videos and when they view videos. This is the first fully developed social video network that allows everyone involved to contribute and earn money on the platform.

The platform intend to us IPFS (InterPlanetary File Sharing) in its future releases to ensure that the content is truly decentralized. This allows files to be stored without relying on a centralized database as most video websites rely on. As a result, it is not susceptible to any DOS attacks or ransomware attacks because the videos will be held in multiple systems. The benefit is that it is faster, more open and safer than the centralized database reliant methods of video streaming. This technology is useful for BuzzShow because it allows the platform to be truly decentralized while saving bandwidth costs considerably.

BuzzShow is committed to ensuring that the revenue generated from advertisements and premium subscriptions are equitably distributed between the entire “food chain” including content creators, curators, marketers, and the consumers according to the level of their participation and popularity on the platform. Most other video sharing sites retain around 50 percent of the revenue from advertisements, as in the case of YouTube which uses 55-45 revenue sharing percentage scheme, or keep the entire revenue to themselves as in case of Facebook and Twitter. Under these scheme content creators and curators, are forced to share the remaining smaller part of the revenue, despite doing most of the work. Buzzshow aims to disrupt the industry by giving all parties involved a stake in the revenue generated from content creation.

Features of Buzzshow ICO

Users on the platform will earn money when they upload their first video on the platform. This is a very simple way of earning Goldies even before the demand on the site grows. They can also earn with every confirmed referral on the site. Once the user registers based on their referral, they also get some Goldies.

Another feature is the ability to create channels and upload a video for free. No paid option offers content creators greater capital opportunities. Everyone starts at the same price, and it is completely free for everyone. This discourages firms from paying for preferential treatment on the platform.

They will support their favorite content creators by sending Goldies. These Goldies will not be charged an outrageous transaction fee like Patreon and other donation platforms, but rather a micro-transaction fee that is near zero. This will ensure that creative content creators get the support they need.

Additionally, content creators can sell access to their content allowing them to earn Goldies if their content is of high quality. Users can access this premium content by paying Goldies they earn on the platform.

Advertisers will be able to pay content creators and curators directly to ensure that the adverts are placed in videos for the right target audience. This is a more effective strategy than the random advertisement placement without any input from the advertiser.


Goldie is an ERC20 token that is based on the Ethereum platform. The base-language used for development is Solidity. It shares a lot in common with JavaScript making it easy for developers with knowledge in the latter to develop in Solidity. Ethereum allows tokenization of assets on the platform without the need of creating a completely different blockchain.

The ERC20 platform uses smart contracts to ensure that the transactions are secure. The smart contracts also enable fast transfer for micropayments with speeds of just a few seconds. This allows the platform to accommodate high volumes of transactions. Most of the Goldies earned can be easily converted into ETH tokens. These tokens can then be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies in supported exchanges.

Buzzshow creates a specific e-wallet that is both scalable and customizable. The customizations are made possible by incorporating features from developers in the Ethereum platform. The applications and plugins will require little or no modification to be introduced into the platform. The API clusters also determine the terms that are used in the smart contract. Moderators will be able to automatically detect when one of the users have contravened the community’s regulations. The user will be given a negative rating and fined a certain amount to deter them from making the same mistake. The main issues that will be prevented will be copyright infringement and the uploading of inappropriate content.