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High-quality education affordable for everyone. ODEM ICO rating – not rated.


Ended ICO : 17/02/18 – 19/03/18

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About ODEM ICO (token sale)

The ODEM platform has been made possible by the emergence of cutting-edge blockchain technology that allows qualified and trusted members of the education industry to create customized curriculum and experiences and offer them directly to the market. The ODEM platform further provides students with more choices for housing, transportation and other necessities. It allows international and local students to take ownership of their education. ODEM ICO will facilitate live, in-classroom experiences, supported by online capabilities.

ODEM is more than just an education marketplace. Through Ethereum-based smart contracts, agreement between students and professors will be attained with the least possible involvement of intermediaries. Our mission is to make education from the world’s top educators accessible and afordable to everyone.

Using the power of blockchain technology and its smart contract-based payment platform, ODEM will enable students and professors to interact directly and participate in the exchange of education and learning, without the involvement of intermediaries. Our goal is to make quality education more accessible and affordable to a broader audience.

Demand for U.S.-based education has risen enormously with students from Asia, Africa,South America and the Middle East, seeking access to traditional four-year colleges as well as providers of customized training and curriculum.

ODEM and it’s secure, blockchain-based platform allows students to seamlessly interact with educators and to seize opportunities to access custom-designed courses and education programs. Students can use ODEM to search for curriculum that meets their  needs.

ODEM addresses many of the industry’s challenges with:

  • Access to both local and international onsite, and in-person educational experiences. While ODEM can provide any type of learning experience, the program emphasizes on-the-ground education at elite institutions around the globe.
  • A single education community in which students, educators and service providers can communicate and participate directly in a secure environment.
  • A more efficient way of sharing and understanding educational requirements, goals and details to meet the rapidly changing workforce and the globalization of students and educators.
  • A single, real-time system of negotiation, curriculum description and payments on an agreed-upon schedule.
  • An integrated academic and curriculum schedule builder with details available to all participants to ensure development of educational programs that are clearly laid out and agreed upon by all parties.
  • Capacity to perform back-and-forth language translation at all levels of education procurement to ensure that important nuances in program requests are not lost in translation.