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Ended ICO : 15/02/18 – 05/03/18

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Thrive is a Blockchain based Marketplace to BUY and SELL Advertising at very low fees.
People get PAID for data sharing and for reviewing the quality of each website in the ecosystem. YOU are finally taking back the control of the internet.

Here a blockchain startup, with its own cryptocurrency, that you need to keep an eye on in 2018.  THRIVE ICO, Using a meritocratic, community-based system that rewards publishers and consumers all over the world, Thrive claims to be the premium decentralized advertisement marketplace you never realized you needed. Using the blockchain to create a safe, rewarding platform where users can buy and sell advertisement space, all the while also rewarding real-life consumers and reviewers who help make the system work, this is digital marketing taken to the very next level.


80% of interviewed advertisers and publishers would like to join the Thrive Ad Marketplace.
The community consensus is the power of Thrive.


Thrive believes the community is the backbone of its business model, therefore all main contributors to the Ad Market Place development such as Consumers, Reviewers, Advertisers and Publishers are eligible to improve their economic performance.


“Data protection by design and default”. It’s impossible to reconstruct the content of a transaction from the one-way cryptographic hash. Blockchains are non-editable and data held therein is often impossible to update, delete, change or correct.


A decentralized marketplace will guarantee that all publishers can access it with equal rights. Receive detailed feedback on how to improve your website’s effectiveness and content. Get the benefits of a transparent and extremely low market place fee and achieve up to 3% fee discount in exchange for anonymous visitor’s data exchange.


Thanks to Blockchain’s low transaction costs and full ledger transparency, Thrive will be able to lower the fees between 7% and 10%. Compared to current competitor’s fee ranges (32%-49%) this translates into a huge value creation for both publishers and advertisers.


On top of reviewer’s contribution, Thrive’s AI Anti-Fraud algorithm will analyze Thrive blockchain transaction parameters such as the volume of confirmations and paid transactions, disputes lost will automatically adjust the level of publisher credibility.


Thrive Labs Team believes in corporate social responsibility, and will therefore offer the chance to participate in a survey for an annual charity program.