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Platform that connects via block chain technology, service provider of any kind and clients. . Talenter ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 15/02/18 – 06/04/18

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About Talenter ICO (token sale)

TALENTER is a closed Peer-to-Peer-System. Everybody can offer his or her talents and expertise directly for others via TALENTER. TALENTER is based on Ethereum, smartcontracts and the Raiden Network and is driven by economic incentives. TALENTER uses the successful Proof-of-Work-Approach of blockchain and transferes it in a unique way to daily life.

Talenter.io. The „You-can-do-that“ approach respectively currency. Every thinkable service can be offered via Talenter.io. From skateboarding to apricot cupcake baking, ceramic dolls, to flower wreath braids and car manicures. Every ability can be offered at TALENTER.io as service or as course.

Every service can be ordered by a push of a button at TALENTER ICO and is going to be, as before agreed in the currencies own contract system, precisely timeaccounted billed by use of GPS data by means oft the Talenter app respectively a Talenter chip bracelett.

Accounting is accomplished via a contracting which is based on the crypto currency TALENTER (TLT). TALENTER (TLT) is a currency oriented on micropayment and therefore will operate almost without fees. TALENTER (TLT) uses the RAIDEN technology and the smart contract system of Ethereum. TALENTER (TLT) becomes the service currency used throughout the world. TALENTER.io has relevance worldwide and can be specifically adapted to countries. TALENTER.io and the currency TALENTER (TLT) are a perfect combination of application and secure transaction. TALENTER.io and TALENTER (TLT) currency are developed with focus on smartphones and weareables.

When the team of TALENTER started developing the idea two years ago, we were driven by the vision of creating a future system for a closed peer-to-peer platform, along with anonymous payment system with which it will be possible for everyone in the world to offer expertises and talents. Cost-effective, binding, confidential and, if necessary, anonymised.

More than two billion people around the world are already directly affected by rapidly advancing automation 3 and are cut off from the acquisition market. They are often well-trained people, but in any case equipped with abilities and talents, which are sought elsewhere. With monetarization of their abilities a livelihood becomes possible and for some of them prosperity comes into reach. More than two billion of world‘s population must live from less than $ 3.10 per day.4 More than 80% of them has to cope with $ 10 a day and over four out of five people live in countries with large income differences. We are convinced that Talenter.io can reverse these trends by providing people with tools which enable entrepreneurial activities. Activities based on their abilities. Activities they can use immediately for business.

However, TALENTER‘s performance is also of great importance in the developed countries and industries. Over the next 10-20 years, the automation will replace up to 50% of classic jobs.5 According to the OECD, 15 hours of leisure time already exist today.6 Time, which is more freely available per person, partly because of job loss through the automation. The automation will continue to increase sharply. TALENTER.io offers new alternatives and creative services apart from classical professional terms: Everyone offers what she or he do best. People are encouraged to seek their individual path for the benefit of all and their own (monetary) advantage.