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ICO Crypto BnB

Crypto BnB

Ended ICO : 24/02/18 – 25/05/18

Vacation rentals platform powered by CryptoDnA ? a trust based blockchain technology

CryptoBnB’s main objective is to balance the two-sided market between users so all can benefit. CryptoBnB will solve fraudulent transactions by a robust process and technology.

CryptoBnB will use the CryptoDNA protocol, which will be the first to combine the “power of three”: blockchain and smart contracts, artificial intelligence, and big data. That will generate an intelligent hospitality service marketplace that benefits property owners and travelers by providing more accurate matches between travelers and properties.

The platform aims to increase the ROI for hosts and service providers through enhanced matchmaking to the right traveler who is looking for that particular property or service.

The platform will be powered by CryptoDNA™, a patent-pending technology that aims to solve the following:

– User identity to solve fraudulent claims – Trust-based voting and rating system to allow users to know their peers’ ratings – Self-learning smart wallet that captures the preference of a user – 0 percent commission – P2P smart contracts and no middlemen – P2P marketing using AI logic – Address network limitations of micro transactions on the blockchain and use IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) to handle that

The CryptoBnB team has planned a road map to build the technology, relying on some existing tools and technologies in the market, and will deliver the platform in a final working stage in 14–16 months. For technology development, an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is planned to finance the development and marketing requirements.