ICO listing: Pecunio

ICO Pecunio


Ended ICO : 19/03/18 – 19/04/18

The PGC is the first gold standard since 1914! Fast transactions combined with high stability

Pecunio’s mission is to eliminate all technical and psychological hurdles and to provide easy and secure access to the crypto market.

Pecunio is the combination of professional financial management, high technical expertise and reliable structures. We open the financial market of the future – for every investor.

Pecunio ICO is a new decentralized investment platform, that simplifies blockchain investments and solves the problem of crypto spending. What’s revolutionary about our platform is, that it allows both saving and spending of crypto assets in a fund universe that is safe, affordable and easy to use.

We assure safeness with encrypted communication and highest transfer security due to cold-storage wallets. Your funds are backed by a team of financial and operational experts with a combined experience of more than 150 years.

Pecunio opens a cryptocurrency investment universe, which is easily accessible, highly secure and perfectly affordable for everybody. All our fund products are tokenized, which provides instant liquidity for all investors. Our target investments are exclusively blockchain investments.

The tokens are ERC-20 utility tokens, returning fees from tokenized ICOs, AC & VC and the cryptocurrency funds.

The PCO token is Pecunio’s company token which will be distributed in our ICO. It is a ERC-20 utility token, returning revenues from tokenized ICOs, AC & VC and the cryptocurrency funds to it’s investors. The PCC is a tokenized crypto currency fund which is one of Pecunio’s financial services. The PCC contains of different high performing crypto currencies that are predicted to rise in value over time. Those crypto currencies also reflect the value of the PCC token.

The tokens help increase investment flexibility for both the user and the platform. By choosing a tokenized investment vehicle, Pecunio brings liquidity to the angel- and venture capital market, which is otherwise a highly illiquid environment. Token holders can sell and exchange at any given time, making that alone the most significant innovation in AC & VC markets over recent decades.