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Gron Digital

Ended ICO : 27/02/18 – 24/04/18

Smart Wallet for Lucrative Industry.

The founders of Gron Digital are veterans of the gaming industry. The main executive team have almost 75 years in business experience between them. They range from Online Gaming (gambling), to Business Management, to Software Engineering.  The group holds gambling manufacturing, as well as sports betting licenses. They have developed, tested and operated an array of Gaming and Betting products. Through their technology companies CDP Gaming and Sintez Technologies, Gron Digital has proven capabilities in functional software and product development. In addition, the group operates a sports betting platform called YesPlay.

Gron Digital, together with other early adopters, seeks to radically change the way in which people transact and exchange value for goods and services online. We are firm believers in the power of the Blockchain and in Ethereum’s protocol and moreover we are confident that our specific knowledge, experience and capacity within the gaming industry stands us in good stead to become the market leading Gaming and Betting Platform. Through innovation and foresight, we will disrupt the online betting market in a meaningful and positive way and in doing so establish a more responsible and sustainable gaming ecosystem.

Considering recent history and the mismanagement of corporations and institutions that have plagued the functioning and trust of society, we are excited to be a contributor to a more just and fair gaming ecosystem that will counteract monopolistic and centralised structures. The Blockchain is the ideal solution to address the fundamental issues of transparency and trust while at the same time improving our understanding of the players and operators that contribute to its success. The future of online Gaming and Betting has never looked so extraordinary and promising. Gron Digital ICO hope to build a winning Gaming Platform which merges and connects various parties within this lucrative industry in order to ensure continuous growth and prosperity for all.

The value proposition, offered to the industry through our utility tokens and Protocol, will provide the industry with an all-encompassing solution to various issues faced by the operators, players developers and regulators today. Through this detailed conceptual paper, we believe that our expertise and particular attention to the needs of the industry serve as powerful tools which enable us to bring this revolutionary Platform to the Gaming and Betting world.