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2100NEWS is the leading crypto market news hub, offering real time data of token issuers and depository of their financial and price sensitive information.. 2100NEWS ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 14/03/18 – 03/04/18

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web site 2100NEWS
web site 2100NEWS
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web site 2100NEWS
web site 2100NEWS

About 2100NEWS ICO (token sale)

2100NEWS is a cryptomarket news and media hub. 2100NEWS joins together two main sources of information on the crypto market:

  • Financial information: Coin and token issuers have a secure space for their reports, press releases and other official communications. This is a massive improvement for the crypto community, which currently does not have any such platform, making comparisons and informed investment decisions more difficult than they need to be. 2100NEWS is the space to announce any price sensitive information related to coin and token issuers. This relieves the management boards and issuers of any suspicion of insider trading and will, in the long run, increase the level of self-regulation within the crypto market. We will not stop there: for coins which do not have issuers, 2100NEWS will also follow the trends of any initiative to follow self-regulation attempts and publish relevant and veri-fied information as soon as it becomes available. This is how dedicated we are to transparency.
  • News, Analysis and Comment: News writers (freelancers) provide interesting news, information, analyses and commentaries regarding important events in the crypto community. Any piece of news originating from the news writers is filtered by 2100NEWS media hub to verify and classify it. Verification of the sources will be done automatically via blockchain. The media hub itself is composed of both human and artificial intelligence. The news is classified based on validity (real / fake) and time-sensitivity: the “hottest” will be “pushed” forward to subscribers. In cooperation with the news writers, 2100NEWS adheres to the highest principles of ethics and of good practice in journalism, acting in practice like news Airbnb sharing economy news.


In its final form, 2100NEWS hub enables a new way to engage in the dialogue about crypto-currencies and blockchain. It invites all crypto community members into an open, efficient and transparent news and media hub. 2100NEWS hub joins together reliable and definitive sources of information, official announcements, news, analyses, rumours and anything else important to the crypto community. Information is available on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers via online TV channel, radio, 2100squawk, newsletters and podcasts.

The news is presented in a variety of formats for the current and potential crypto investors:

  • 2100squawk and live web TV channel for NWS – 2100NEWS token
  • WebTV channel
  • Articles
  • Radio channel

In addition to offering the news on our platform, the media hub offers the possibility to syndicate the news to all “mainstream” news providers via a news-exchange platform.

2100NEWS will use the latest blockchain technology to ensure the maximum transparency and reliability. 2100NEWS already has a working media hub that will be completed before the token sale.

Business model

The 2100NEWS revenue will finance its operational and running costs and will be used for future development of the media hub. These are the planned sources of revenue by %:

  • Token issuers that will pay for their official information to be published (between 36% and 50% of the total revenue)
  • Traders and Subscribers – that will pay for real time information via Subscriptions and / or Squawk (between 25% and 35% of the total revenue)
  • Advertising Revenue (between 5% and 20% of the total revenue)
  • Commission Professional media (between 5% and 10% of the total revenue)
  • Push information (newsletters, analysis, ratings and similar) (between 2% and 7,5% of the total revenue)

The revenue will be generated via NWS token

Price and token supply

Total token supply is 250.000.000 NWS. Price for initial contribution will be $0.10 for 1 NWS (News Coin). Supply available in the crowdsale will be 125,000,000 NWS – 50% of the total token supply.