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Your Guide to Sexual Education and Freedom

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Ended ICO : 01/03/18 – 15/04/18

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web site Red Lanterns
web site Red Lanterns
web site Red Lanterns
web site Red Lanterns
web site Red Lanterns

Red Lanterns (RL service) is an actively developing online service that helps people fill the gaps in their sex education. Our product is a free mobile application for finding sexual literacy experts, available for download in the App Store and Google Play Market from anywhere in the world.

During the year of work spent on the RL service development, our team has identified a number of problems and difficulties related to raising the level of an individual’s sex education:

  • difficulties with finding qualified experts
  • low level of confidentiality when using existing online services
  • high commissions, lack of guarantees and transparency in mutual settlements
  • lack of clear service provision rules

Developing the ways to increase the level of sex education with the help of advanced technologies, the RL team came to the conclusion that application of blockchain technology in the existing RL service and introduction of the REDL crypto token as a payment unit would be the perfect tool for solving a whole range of problems. To implement this idea, the RL team decided to bring the product to an ICO in order to attract crypto enthusiasts, Experts, and new application users for further RL service development and community formation.


The RL team already offers a solution today to the problem of increasing sexual literacy for everyone – a RL mobile application through which you can register and anonymously join the community as a User, or as an Expert.

Thus, we can distinguish the following ecosystem participants:

RL Service – a platform for community support and development, in which participants interact by using a mobile application.

User – the person who installed the RL mobile application, registered and indicated their personal preferences. Using the RL service, the User can find Experts or content in accordance with individual requests and parameters, as well as geographical location.

Expert – the person who installed the RL mobile application and proclaimed himself to be an Expert in the field of sexual literacy, indicating his specialization, geographical location, professional skills and willingness to provide consulting services to all who need it. The Expert independently establishes the cost of consultations, and becomes available for search by Users. In addition to consultations, the Expert has the opportunity to publish paid or free content in the form of articles.

Thus, at the moment the RL service is already offering the RL mobile application to the world, which is an individual tool for increasing the level of sex education through trust-based relations among the community members. Using the RL mobile application, each User will receive the necessary individual consultation from the Experts in the field of sexual relations.

To establish direct contact between members of the community, the RL service implements the traditional functions of modern messengers: video call and chatting. Also, all users have the opportunity to carry out input-output of funds and use them as an internal currency RL coin with the use of VISA/MasterCard bank cards for mutual settlements within the RL service.

Crowdsale and REDL tokens issue policy

  • Total output of 15,937,500 crypto-tokens for RL Service of ERC20 standard.
  • Estimated cost is USD 1 per 1 token.
  • Crypto-token of RL Service is called REDL.
  • Purchase of REDL tokens is carried out in exchange for USD, BitCoin, Ethereum.

ICO will be considered successful if $1,500,000 (SoftCap) is raised as a result of the crowdsale. The ultimate financial goal in the raising of funds is $10,000,000 (HardCap)

Crowdsale is held over course of three months:

Closed Pre-Sale, February 14, 2018 – February 28, 2018

ICO, March 1, 2018 – April 15, 2018

REDL tokens: 12,750,000

SoftCap: USD 1,500,000

HardCap: USD 10,000,000