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Amon is enabling users to spend cryptocurrencies in their daily life. . Amon ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 01/03/18 – 04/04/18

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About Amon ICO (token sale)

Amon is a multi-cryptocurrency debit card for everyday use backed by revolutionary Artificial Intelligence.

Users in Crypto industry are facing two major problems:

  • Using their crypto for every-day purchases when real time conversion is so complex
  • Crypto market’s volatility impedes its mass adoption for routine purchases

Amon proposes the solutions:

  • The Amon Pay that allows real time conversion for everyday spending, starting with ETH, BTC and LTC
  • Amon AI System, a tool to help users to take decisions against market volatility. The tool is able to calculate the returns of cryptocurrencies within the user’s portfolio and suggests the most convenient cryptocurrency to convert in real time.

The Amon AI System is using cutting edge AI software to learn the way markets fluctuate. It intelligently learns to predict changes for the future, as time goes on this will “learn” the trades even more accurately.

The Amon Wallet and Card are in beta version and will be launched in the market during the Token Sale.

The AMN tokens will give users different benefits such as discounted fees, better customer service and the possibility to receive passive interest from MasterNodes.

In our 5-year Business Plan we based our forecasts on market research studies such as the University of Cambridge (May 2017) and planned the potential market share that we could release in the market.

Amon has partnered with different companies for card issuance, know your customer (KYC) process, security frameworks and support with a trading algorithm.

In a realistic scenario, Amon will be able to reach during the 1st year 60K users and hit 590K users by the fifth year. We compared our forecasts also with other competitors such as Monaco and TokenCard and we have chosen a more conservative approach.

Amon is planning to gain 5% market share of the potential market. We forecast Revenues to grow from €6 Million. to €60 Million over 5 years.