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Vestarin platform is a marketplace for goods and services, platform for cryptonetworking. . Vestarin ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 05/03/18 – 04/04/18

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web site Vestarin
web site Vestarin
web site Vestarin
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web site Vestarin

About Vestarin ICO (token sale)

The decentralized Vestarin platform on Ethereum blockchain (ERCE20 standard) is a must-have for everyone who has made at least one step into the world of crypto currency and blockchain technology.

The inspiration to change this industry for the better will come to everyone who reads the key idea up to the end and supports it. We already constitute a major community, which only needs to be united on a single platform with maximum capacities.

Attracting “early bird” users to Vestarin project, we will be able to create a vital platform for anyone, as its development depends mainly on the feedback from users.

ICO – a powerful tool for both the investor and the project as a whole to achieve a specific goal. The project needs to be launched and succeed, the investor wants his profit. ICO itself is unique, but if people`s trust is abused, it can turn this great instrument into a soap bubble, that may burst soon. To keep it working, certain problems need to be sorted out.

Vestarin platform will get together people, capacities and opportunities to sort out all the problems. We need to cooperate in order to brush up ICO projects. Primarily ICO will be moderated by Vestarin platform experts to weed out “garbage”. Then everything is in the hands of users, including specialists, developers and investors –all people in this industry will be involved in the work on the basis of one platform.

Every day Vestarin platform will receive new ideas in search of investments. And those startups that are really interesting will be able to find their investor and bring the project to the ICO.

Everyone knows that there are a lot of ideas, but very few really good ones. As a rule, really good ideas can not get the right to live due to the lack of knowledge and tools for their implementation. On the Vestarin platform, you will get “turnkey” not only professionals and investments, but also tips, knowledge, collect each piece of your puzzle, by uniting the entire community in one place.

Vestarin ICO will give users the opportunity to: operate in a transparent and secure ecosystem where everything goes to peer-2-peer. This is a unique chance to develop business in the digital economy without unnecessary costs for paperwork, banks, bureaucracy. The effectiveness of business creation will increase phenomenally and positively affect the further development of the digital economy.