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Simply pay with REME-Coins and receive up to 100 percent cashback on everything you buy _ anywhere worldwide. . REME-coin ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 02/05/18 – 31/12/18

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web site REME-coin
web site REME-coin
web site REME-coin
web site REME-coin
web site REME-coin
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About REME-coin ICO (token sale)

Repay.me is convinced that the data belong to the users and that users should also benefit from the monetization of their data. For this reason, the company develops the REME-Coin, whose value is based on the data of repay.me’s community. Our community is based on the fair share principle: the more data repay.me receives from the community, the more cashback will be distributed to the community.

repay.me thus has its finger on the pulse of the times: repay.me bridges the gap between the desire for high cashback when shopping and the involvement of users in creating value with their data.

94 percent of millennials and 90 percent of all people are looking for ways to save money when shopping, e. g. by using coupons or other discount forms (source: Valassis). This also applies for high-income households. Everyone wants to save money regardless of age or income bracket. Price comparison websites and bonus programs have been established for some time now, and almost every consumer has already taken advantage of those offers. Price and saving opportunities have become central buying criteria. 80 percent of consumers would immediately switch to another shop, to another platform and even to another brand if they would only save enough money (source: Market Track).

However, already existing bonus solutions usually have weak points: • Finding a good coupon code is often a matter of luck. Sometimes it works, but often it does not. • Numerous cashback systems are too complicated to handle for the average user. • The cashback is often small and was added to the product price in advance. • Companies are skimming off consumer profits by monetizing user data.

Since 2015, repay.me’s team of twenty-five employees and ten external consultants has been working on the global launch of a new kind of cashback marketplace. This cashback marketplace combines the advantages of well-known online marketplaces and further eliminates the weaknesses of existing cashback systems as described above.

The REME-Coin offers customers, sellers and advertisers advantages and exclusive application possibilities. By paying with the REME-Coin, all cashback payments are made in real time to all parties involved, without any additional steps being taken. Innovative advertising opportunities with which you can directly reach finely segmented target groups will be available exclusively with REME-Coins.

For example, each REME-Coin guarantees a fixed number of advertisements on repay.me, which have a particular value (CpI or Cost per Impression). Hence, the REME-Coin has a fixed inner value right from the beginning. With the increasing amount of data, advertising can be targeted more precisely and thus be more effective and efficient. This leads to an increase in the value of the REME-Coin, which in turn serves repay.me users in the form of higher cashback.

REME-Coins—in the form of a utility token—will be available exclusively through a pre-sale at a price below the market value of the advertisements behind it. With additional application and advertising possibilities on repay. me, further potentials for value maintenance and value enhancement of the REME-Coin are given.