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Shopin is reinvigorating the retail economy by streamlining the entire shopping experience. . Shopin ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 15/03/18 – 15/04/18

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About Shopin ICO (token sale)

Shopin is building a decentralized Amazon on the blockchain with a universal shopping profile and crypto currency for retail and eCommerce.


To work with retailers in onboarding their shoppers to create a Shopin profile and thus own their purchase data enabling the shopper to be the most accurate and current source of first party purchase data.

This solution enables a new paradigm in more accurate product recommendations and marketing on every retailer site, app, and store based on a full view of the shopper’s history and live purchase data.

Shopin is the next step in personal data management, ownership and reward.

By leveraging the power of the blockchain, Shopin will securely manage your personal data, including online shopping data, personal ID and payment information, and user credit reputation whilst delivering an Amazon-like experience and product recommendation for shoppers on every site they go to.

Shopin ICO will put the user in control of their historical purchase data from multiple retailers, and reward the user when retailers use it to enhance the shopping experience online.

We believe that there is no better single source for a shopper’s purchase history than themselves, for them to control and share to shape how they experience the open retail web.

What is Shopin?

  1. Shopin is a single verified source of all personal shopping data.
  2. Shopin is an incentive management system for all retailers.
  3. Shopin is a verified identity source.
  4. Shopin securely manages your credit card information.
  5. Shopin puts all this information in the user’s control, allowing verified access by the user when visiting retail sites.
  6. Shopin secures the data using blockchain so it is always safe from prying eyes.
  7. Shopin allows retailers to reward shoppers with a cryptocurrency which they can offset against their online and in-store purchases