ICO listing: 4NEW

4new ico

The team at 4NEW is proud to announce the world’s first ever coin that embodies electricity. Our product is grounded in necessities, solving two global & social problems; waste surplus and energy shortfall.

Our blockchain platform will be built on top of the underlying waste treatment infrastructure covering the entire supply chain from collection of waste to generation of electricity to application of it within the cryptocurrency transactions processing.

Given the utilitarian nature of our services, it is our belief that 4NEW will successfully integrate the blockchain network within the real world applications of energy consumption by the crypto community leading to widespread mainstream adoption.

Our seasoned management team, with over 300 years of collective experience, brings a vast and diverse perspective that has enabled 4NEW ICO to explore rare and unique opportunities. We are excited to present a solution such as ours that will revolutionize and standardize four industries, Crypto-mining, blockchains, Waste Management and Energy, creating disruptive economies of scale on a global level.

4NEW is the world’s first eco-friendly, tangible, waste to energy blockchain solution. The concept is quite simple, the process of refining waste product into water and organic materials creates energy and that is then leveraged to either be sold to the national grid or applied to operate mining processes at its onsite mining farm.

The cost to produce the energy is met through the revenue generated from the waste collection services and sale of byproducts facilitating a sustainable operation at breakeven or a marginal profit. Therefore, the energy produced is unencumbered and freely available for utilization orsale to the national grid.

Historically, the price of 1 kilowatt has been very stable for the past fifty years at approximately $0.15 globally, inflation adjusted. This trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future in lieu of technological innovations. However, the wild card that no one has truly evaluated is the exponential acceptance of the blockchain worldwide leading to a massive spike in energy consumption by cryptocurrency mining that could drive the price of energy up globally. 4NEW has the unique opportunity to apply this finite lifetime supply of energy to its coin, namely, KWATT. The 4NEW coin symbol is KWATT2 . Each KWATT Coin embodies within it, 1 kilowatt of electricity for a year.