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blockchain framework on which voting applications would be run. Techrodholdings ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 12/03/18 – 30/09/18

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web site Techrodholdings
web site Techrodholdings
web site Techrodholdings
web site Techrodholdings
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About Techrodholdings ICO (token sale)

Techrod Holding is a new blockchain startup, having created its own blockchain from scratch, with the intended purpose of using it to developing its own platform specifically design to revolutionize and disrupts the present traditional method of elections and consensus decision making used by Institutions/Government/Schools/Companies/Bodies/Unions.

The Techrod Blockchain

Having already been created this is the bedrock/Foundation for this project. It’s the framework from which every other piece will rely on.

The Techrod Protocol

This is the precise method for which election and decision making would be carried out on the Techrod blockchain.

The Techrod Protocol, using a lame example, would operate by Creating a unique token for each positions or decisions. Let’s say a Position for Chairman, the protocol would create such token (The chairman Tokens), then it would allow the user to set parameters for registration of voters, (Age, State, Class, Reference Numbers, School Login,…..) as specified to the system by the users. The Techrod Protocol does not specify any parameters for eligibility for voting, this is user defined. After setting up the parameters by the User, the Techrod Protocol established such parameters and gives command for commencement of registration for a specified time period by the user. At end of registration The Techrod Protocol automatically cements the contracts. If one thousand (1000) members registered, the protocol automatically creates the chairman Tokens having 1000 units. And it automatically generates wallet address for the 1000 voters with each having its own private key sent to him/her as per information given on registration. And each voter is credited with one chairman’s token each.