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PRE ICO Dates : 21/03/18 – 31/05/18
Ended ICO : 21/06/18 – 07/08/18

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About ZeroState ICO (token sale)

ZeroState is the world’s first emotional intelligence platform. It helps advertisers around the world increase the loyalty of their customers by analyzing their emotional involvement.

ZeroState is based on a mobile app that allows its users to review a product in one word.

ZSCoin (ZSC) tokens are digital assets. In our case, they can be used by an advertiser to improve the visibility of their product.

Advertisers buy ZSC to launch an advertising campaign via the app. Their aim is to get feedback from customers, attract their attention and increase sales.

Users receive ZSC from advertisers for writing reviews.

ZSC can be exchanged for ETH or sold in the secondary market. Each month ZeroState will allocate 20% of its profits for redeeming the tokens, thus increasing their value.


Search engine on a new level

People search for «what» a thing is on Google. We will shift the focus to «how» it feels to give the user what they are looking for. By establishing partnerships with iTunes and Litres, we developed an emotional search add-in capable of suggesting «fun» music or a «wise» book. The same can be applied to on- line shopping platforms Amazon, E-bay, Alibaba, etc. to upgrade them to E-Commerce 2.0.

Social network 2.0

On social networks you can only search for people by their interests, but they do not always reflect their personality. A ZeroState social network will make it possible to find like-minded people. If you live efficiently, you need only to type «efficient» to find people who do the same.

Marketplace or Uber-like advertising platform

Users get real money for their reviews out of the advertising campaign budget. It increases the number of reviews overall, as well as the share of sincere, unbiased reviews, and provides an opportunity to form an objective opinion about the product.