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Pallium is a platform for the quick learning, secure storage and easy deployment of AI models in a decentralized network. Pallium ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/04/18 – 01/05/18
Ended ICO : 01/08/18 – 01/09/18

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web site Pallium
web site Pallium
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About Pallium ICO (token sale)

What it Pallium?

Pallium is a platform that allows for quick learning, safe storage, and easy deployment of AI models in a decentralized environment.

The platform Pallium gives AI developers and researchers effective access to sufficient computing power and verified data, while providing organizations with the latest achievements in the field of artificial intelligence.

Problems that Pallium solves:

Currently, the AI industry has faced a number of challenges that hinder its growth:

  1. Developing AI models requires computing resources that aren’t available to many developers.
  2. Training AI models requires high quality data, access to which is restricted;
  3. Storing AI models requires access to special platforms for training and running AI models;
  4. Trust issues regarding AI results as well as insufficient security for models and unauthorized access;
  5. Problems monetizing intellectual property that belongs to AI researchers and developers.


Who is Pallium for?

Pallium allows access to distributed computing resources, high speed learning models while maintaining low computational costs. The Intuitive design of our platform opens up vast possibilities for AI research.

Pallium meets the needs of developers, miners, IPU hardware suppliers, data providers, and organizations using AI models. Therefore, Pallium goes above and beyond to create a complete ecosystem in which people and intelligent agents can create value.

Infrastructure out of the box:

Surveying AI developers showed us that scanner environment production Is not an easy task, especially when there’s a need to scale existing infrastructures. We originally developed this architecture that would divert developers from the flawed scanner environment. In fact, we are working on a common protocol that will be easy to use for all markets. Our goal is to make developing AI models not any more difficult than publishing a code on github, while paying special attention to our platform’s security, and protecting developers’ intellectual property.

Pallium uses the agent-oriented approach, a powerful system of inheritance and borrowing between agents, providing developers with a flexible tool for scaling their intelligent systems, while providing a secured internal economic model due to the use of blockchain technology, which in turn allows for a comfortable and secure monetization environment.