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The digital currency for the biggest revolution in adult entertainment.. redBUX ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 22/03/18 – 15/04/18
Ended ICO : 16/04/18 – 15/05/18

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web site redBUX
web site redBUX
web site redBUX

About redBUX ICO (token sale)

Building the most advanced viewer experience in vrXcity and revolutionizing payment in the adult entertainment industry with redBUX at the same time.
The redBUX token will be the engine boosting the development of the most advanced, responsive, virtual reality porn experience ever created. The vrXcity will be a photo-realistic ecosystem where the user can fully interact with 3D-versions of his favourite porn stars or/and other users and create own content to fulfil all possible fantasies. The newest in virtual reality technology will be combined with artificially intelligent avatars, everything responds to the actions of the user to create the most realistic feel.
The biggest names in adult entertainment like Wicked Pictures will run their studio in the vrXcity and start using the redBUX in their own market places to benefit from the decentralized cryptocurrency and to guarantee that redBUX will become the preferred means of payment in the industry. iwantEmpire will also move their services into the vrXcity and use redBUX as the ONLY cryptocurrency on all their webcam channels, which will lead to tens of thousands of redBUX transactions per day!

  • redBUX is the future model of payment for erotica on the Internet.
  • redBUX is the first utility token, a decentralized and secure digital currency for adult content in Virtual Reality.
  • redBUX is the only form of payment in vrXcity.
  • redBUX will become the dominant token in the adult entertainment industry.
  • redBUX guarantees users anonymous access to erotic and pornographic content.
  • redBUX ensures „just-in-time“ renumeration for adult-stars thanks to innovative block chain technology.
  • redBUX is the secure currency for decentralized, user-generated content.
  • redBUX is an ERC20 token with acceptance obligation in vrXcity.
  • redBUX has triggered strong interest among market leading studios and platforms with more than 100 million customers, who have already been acquired as redBux-accepting outlets and content providers for vrXcity.
  • redBUX offers ITO a great investment opportunity, given the expected strong increase in brand awareness