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The cash back cryptocurrency.. CashBag ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 08/01/18 – 11/03/18
Ended ICO : 12/03/18 – 30/04/18

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web site CashBag
web site CashBag
web site CashBag
web site CashBag
web site CashBag

About CashBag ICO (token sale)

CashBag.co is a transactional cash back aggregator that rewards customers with cash back when they shop at participating merchants. The site launched publicly in 2016 and has 135,000 members and over 500 merchants.

The purpose of the token sale is to enable instant settlement of cash back rewards by leveraging the Ethereum Blockchain for settlement. There are several distinct advantages to implementing ERC20 tokens for instant settlement, including lowered cost of operations, immutable record keeping and global reach and adoption.

CashBag ICO is creating the CBC Token (CashBagCoin) which is used to reward members for transacting through the platform and enable advertisers to instantly reward members for approved transactions. Customers earn the CBC tokens by engaging with advertising & transacting online. Advertising services are sold through the redemption of tokens. These tokens are earned by the members who transact with merchants through the platform.

CashBag has developed its first generation CashBag Ledger Settlement platform as described in the whitepaper, and will implement & launch the customer wallet, tokenization of advertising and reward redemption in early 2018.

CashBag is conducting a Token Sale for advertisers & early adopters of the technology, issuing 120M tokens and intends selling tokens to the value of $15M with a maximum cap of $30M.

CashBag will accept CBC tokens for CashBag advertising services at the minimum issue price of 0,000166666 ETH per token (6000 tokens / ETH).

Utilizing blockchain transaction authentication & smart contracts CashBag will revolutionize its transactional capability, enable instant settlement, disrupt the market and speed up consumer mass adoption.