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Introducing PentaFund, an actively managed tokenized crypto fund.

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Ended ICO : 09/04/18 – 09/05/18

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web site PentaCore
web site PentaCore
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web site PentaCore
web site PentaCore

PentaCore ICO empowers investors to be part of a new movement of democratic, disruptive technology through sound investment. PentaCore`s first product, PentaFund, enables investors to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market through a tokenized fund designed to deliver superior risk adjusted returns.

Pentacore tokens (PENT) represent fractional ownership in the Net Asset Value (NAV) of PentaFund.

Redemption periods will be offered every 3 months and constitute up to 10 percent of the funds Net Asset Value.

All funds raised, net of management fees will be directly invested in an actively managed portfolio of crypto-assets.

PentaCore commits people, capital and technology towards helping investors profit for the digital currency and blockchain revolution.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain technology space provides a unique opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of a rapidly growing market.

There are significant barriers to entry into cryptocurrency for the average investor – complexity, lack of understanding, and inaccessibility.

PentaCore recognizes the multitude of investment issues that exist today – economic, complexity, trust, risk – and takes steps to resolve all of them in a well-managed, proactive way.

PentaCore solves this issue by providing easy access to an actively-managed, broadly diversified hedge fund in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

PentaCore is initially launching three products – the PentaFund diversified investment fund, PentaView’s data-driven and informational platform, and PentaPost, an educational resource for investors.

PentaFund is managed by a team of expert fund managers and experienced researchers who make up our industry-leading Fund Management Brain Trust (FMBT), which uses strict criteria to select the most qualified investments for the Fund.