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ICO Alt.Estate


Upcoming ICO : 01/05/18 – 31/05/18

Trade tokenized real estate.

Alt.Estate ICO is a blockchain platform to trade tokenized real estate. It allows anyone to easily build their own global portfolio of the best properties worldwide and become a real estate tycoon.

The Alt.Estate team, with $400M worth of real estate deals in 2016, includes professionals with a strong background in investments, finance, marketing and operations. Alt.Estate is supported by advisors with worldwide expertise and transactions in real estate worth more than $3B. Alt.Estate has already tokenized apartments in the US, Japan and the EU, launched a working prototype and elaborated a viable go-to-market strategy.

Using Alt.Estate’s protocol, real estate owners can easily tokenize their property, in whole or in part, and list it on the platform where anyone can buy and resell it. Tokenization powered by Alt.Estate allows the real estate to be traded in small fractions, making it widely accessible as the entry ticket is very low.

Based on a native blockchain technology implementation, Alt.Estate makes it possible to buy and sell tokenized real estate assets smoothly, in a transparent and trusted environment with instantaneous transactions and low transaction costs.

Sellers attract new buyers who could not afford to buy real estate before, did not have the opportunity to invest internationally, did not want to bear high transaction costs, or wanted to pay for real estate with a cryptocurrency. Buyers are additionally motivated by the transparency and liquidity provided by the secondary market within the platform and the secure transaction records stored on the blockchain.

Alt.Estate provides its solution not only to individuals, but also to real estate developers, investment companies and brokers. They are interested in finding new sales channels and agree to contribute a part of their marketing budgets to promote the Alt.Estate tokenization protocol and quickly fill the company’s property asset trading exchange with tokenized real estate from all over the world.


ALT token is required to pay all the fees within the framework of the protocol and the platform, purchase property-specific tokens and get involved in decision-making through a special platform governance decentralization mechanism. Token holders executing a particular role on the platform are also paid in ALT (each user registering on the platform will be asked which particular role they would like to execute; if the user owns ALT tokens and has not selected a role, he will be assigned the basic role of promoter, other roles will include affiliate, analyst, appraiser, broker, notary, property manager, registrar, etc.).