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Blockchain online lottery . OneToTwo PRO ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 20/10/18 – 31/10/18

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web site OneToTwo PRO
web site OneToTwo PRO
web site OneToTwo PRO
web site OneToTwo PRO
web site OneToTwo PRO
web site OneToTwo PRO
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About OneToTwo PRO ICO (token sale)

Our gaming platform is unique and is aimed at the mass gambler. We offer our players the opportunity to make fixed instant bets in real time and only with real players. The outcome of the game is decided only by chance (RNG), and the win in the game is the highest possible, taking into account the bets made in the game, even taking into account the minimum bets of 0.0006 Eth.

Main advantages of onetotwo game:

  • The game is available to the widest possible range of gamblers.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly multilingual interface.
  • To play the game a player needs just a cryptocurrency wallet, Internet, and luck.
  • Minimum amount to start the game – 0.0006 Eth.
  • Receiving various financial bonuses.
  • No game with a system.
  • The game is only with real players in real-time and equal chances for each player.
  • The game algorithms are constant and cannot be changed. The victory of the player depends solely on luck and mathematical probability.
  • The public registry does not contain any personal information, but stores all available data about the game.
  • The results of the game cannot be predicted and faked.
  • Allocation of collected funds and their payment are fully transparent and guaranteed by smart contracts.
  • The possibility of any manipulation by the organizers is eliminated.
  • Winning of any size is charged almost instantly (depending on the time of the transaction).
  • Low transaction cost.
  • Record deductions from all collected proceeds in the prize fund – 92%. ( 90% – for instant games, 2% – in the jackpot fund).
  • Collected proceeds in the prize fund will reach millions in US dollars.
  • One hundred percent safety. Blockchain technology takes a new approach to confidentiality.

About the project for investor

ОТТ is a high-yielding token released on the Ethereum platform, ERC-20 standard, with built-in price increase mechanics supported by the growth in the number of players worldwide. OTT token is part of the gaming system that uses several intelligent algorithms via blockchain.

We launched the project using modern technologies. Ten independent smart contracts are involved in the game process.