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A Credit Platform democratizing P2P B2B & Altcoin Lending.. GISC LoanCoin Network ICO rating – not rated.

ICO GISC LoanCoin Network  Visit GISC LoanCoin Network ICO site

PRE ICO Dates : 25/02/18 – 25/03/18
Ended ICO : 01/04/18 – 25/04/18

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web site GISC LoanCoin Network
web site GISC LoanCoin Network
web site GISC LoanCoin Network
web site GISC LoanCoin Network
web site GISC LoanCoin Network
web site GISC LoanCoin Network

About GISC LoanCoin Network ICO (token sale)

GISC LoanCoin Network is a utility token based lending and borrowing platform that allows users to leverage their blockchain assets to secure cash loans. The network is optimal for P2P and B2B credit financing on a global scale. With multiple years of experience in the structured finance industry, our agent network of partners along with successfully operating lending and servicing business will be the driving force of GISC blockchain lending platform.

Our platform will support P2P and P2B lending without intermediaries, working with cryptocurrencies alongside fiat currencies. For the benefit of our borrowers and lenders, GISC LoanCoin Network (GLN) will provide high-quality scoring and control AML/KYC.

We are building a platform for the safe, transparent and reliable peer-to-peer lending, aiming to expand it to new markets and transform it to a blockchain financial institution with additional services over time. The GISC Platform is to be automated, efficient, and cryptographically secure.

The system is designed such that, if you have a crypto asset you want to hold onto, you can borrow against the asset for liquidity, regardless of credit history or geographic constraints. It offers a solution to the problem many consumers face when they need or want cash to make a purchase, but do not wish to liquidate their assets. Instead of selling, GISC enables the users of the GISC LoanCoin Network (GLN) ICO to leverage the value of certain digital assets with loans from other users or direct from GISC, thereby giving them access to fiat, avoiding excessive fees and maintaining their long position in the asset they hold; all in a single E-wallet and eventually deliverable onto a Prepaid Visa or MasterCard.

At GISC, we are focused on delivering value to our crypto clients by following a few basic beliefs. As the former asset managers and large scale application developers, we understand the frustrations with software and platforms which offer outdated technology, provide slow or non-existent support and fail to deliver on promised efficiency and innovation.

Our mission is to utilize our current Global Agent Network to develop a market for cryptocurrency loans with our existing clients and new clients based on GISC LoanCoin Network funding opportunities; to develop a package of lending services which are funded in cryptocurrency to global borrowers in P2P, B2B, Non-Banked and non-equity backed assets; to become a leader in Altcoin lending; and to develop a GISC secure API for back-end support of our online finance products and services accessible through blockchain.