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Giving Lending power to the community.. Decentralend ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 02/04/18 – 10/04/18
Ended ICO : 20/04/18 – 30/04/18

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web site Decentralend
web site Decentralend
web site Decentralend
web site Decentralend

About Decentralend ICO (token sale)

DecentraLend ICO is a decentralize peer to peer lending platform where individuals determine their lending interest rate , with a new feature where users can lend both Decentralend(DLD) and Bitcoin(BTC).


We have decided to use a peer to peer lending system that can enable the operation of this system for a very long period time.

With our lending system you don’t need to lend out your coin to the admin for 99days – 299days.

With our lending system users can lend out both DLD and BTC with their specific interest rate to the borrower.

With our lending system there is no fear of crash or attack from external forces since our lending interest is not from the admin but from the borrowers

Offer you the most convenient method payment when it comes to making payments regarding business expenses including wages, payment for suppliers, for goods and services… all over the word, within second, with an extremely low fee, and free you from complicated banking procedures.

You can boost your sale and speed up your business growth thanks to Decentralend and our related apps on smart phone. You and your customers cannot ask for more. From this moment, the most advanced yet simple method is in your hand.

There is no more limit to carry foreign exchange to anywhere you go with Decentralend . No more worry about the exchange rate fees that you may be charged a lot, and many other expenses related to money exchange and transfer. Therefore, save your time, money, and of course, the less cash, the safer

With Decentralend, just after seconds, you can access your money transferred from anyone anywhere on this planet. Faster, more simple, safer but cheaper.