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Ended ICO : 17/04/18 – 14/06/18

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web site Scroll Token
web site Scroll Token
web site Scroll Token
web site Scroll Token
web site Scroll Token

Low Cost, High Speed, Broad Scalability, and Strong Security. Until the Scroll Network, no one else had one solution that could provide peak performance in all four of these crucial “facets” of data management and storage! We have already reduced our transaction costs to fractions of a cent. We have documented record breaking speed in transactions per second (TPS). Our software scales automatically as the user base or number of applications grows … whether for major companies or individual consumers. We are confident this proprietary and groundbreaking software will quickly set the bar for scalability using Blockchain technology. Finally, we also provide dramatically higher security than existing 3rd party cloud services with our Hypernode Protocol and Peer to Verified Peer (P2VP) consensus model.

Although no competitor can combine these four facets of our Diamond Data as successfully as we do, we are not resting on our laurels! We continue to grow and improve performance in each of these critically important areas. Find out more about Diamond Data enterprise software and SlideDrive personal software at www.scroll.network. We also welcome you to contact us to learn how you can set up your own Scroll Network Vault!

Scroll Token consistently performs to provide static low gas commission at extremely high transaction rates with zero involvement or need for miners. The Hypernode Protocol sustains enterprise quality Blockchain conditions through consistent low latencies, immediate transaction finality, high performance, and extensive scalability.

The Scroll Network is an upgrade to the Ethereum chain which provides record transaction speed that self-corrects coincident with an increasing user base. For a decade, businesses have prioritized developing a Blockchain ecosystem that provides competitive costs in comparison to the current big data management architectures. The Scroll Network bridges this gap and differs from other Blockchain enterprise targeted models by achieving an everscaling verified consensus network of data transactions while only incurring extremely low gas costs. The Scroll Network is a semi-private enterprise focused model that sustains improved transaction rates at scaling block sizes. Other Blockchain technologies targeting businesses, maximize the transaction speed by setting constraints on network capacities and block sizes dependent on a semi-private nature for security and load balancing. The Scroll Network ICO surpasses the current Blockchain models ensuring mass adoption of Blockchain technology improving the functionally ductile data management tools today. A business always needs to be prepared to scale to support high volumes of data traffic. To achieve record Transaction Per Second (TPS): gas commission ratio, a Verified Peer agent communicates instantaneous algorithmic modifications to promote efficiency in an everscaling network.

The semi-private Scroll Network achieves groundbreaking, high-capacity, fluid transactions with sub-second latency matching that of enterprise level databases. The desired performance is achieved through the utilization of both a permissioned and prioritized consensus model as well as the Hypernode Protocol.

SoluTech’s mission is to facilitate the inexorable, yet currently unmanageable growth in industry. We provide the tools to streamline business processes and workflows by optimizing Blockchain technology to transform the Ethereum network into a non-compromising enterprise compatible model. Technology is limited by unborn innovation and technical short-cuts to a necessary design. Not only must we think ahead, but at a minimum, we need to provide current solutions cohesive to the current tech available. Scroll Token represents a semi-private distributed ledger that is responsive to the biggest obstacle to the mass integration of Blockchain technology in industry today. The Scroll Network allows for scalable cost-effective transactions at a record Transaction Per Second (TPS) to gas commission ratio without compromising the block size. This will allow businesses to utilize Blockchain technologies with competitive transaction costs and velocities comparable to the data management systems today.
TOTAL TOKENS: 5,000,000,000
ICO CROWDSALE 20%: 1,000,000,000
INSTITUTIONS 20%: 1,000,000,000
INCENTIVES 10%: 500,000,000
TEAM 10%: 500,000,000
ESCROW 40%: 2,000,000,000
TOKEN TYPE: ERC20 on Ethereum Platform
VALUE: 1 ETH = 50000 SCRL
ICO BONUS TIERS: All purchasers in ICO crowdsale will receive bonus tokens from 20% down to 7%