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The Revolution of Fantasy Sports

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Ended ICO : 24/03/18 – 21/04/18

Business: 12/20
Product: 4/5
WP: 4/10
Roadmap: 7/10
Legal: 2/5
Team: 17/20
ICO terms: 3/5
Token applying: 5/5
Promotion: 8/20
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web site PokerSports
web site PokerSports
web site PokerSports
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web site PokerSports

About PokerSports

PokerSports is a platform that offers a number of different fantasy sports games that require skill, knowledge and social interaction, and through the integration of the iGaming and eSports markets, we are looking to revolutionize the way fantasy sports are played today.

Additionally, with the introduction of the PokerSports Token (XPST), PokerSports users from all over the world will be able to use a unique decentralized digital currency to play all available games, making for quick and easy transactions under a trustless system.

Through all of this, PokerSports’ mission is to create a centralized platform where all fantasy sports fans can play a large variety of games that feature all major sports. And, with the creation of Competitive Fantasy Sports (CFS), the first-ever eSports league made specifically for fantasy sports, we are finding ways to make fantasy sports more than just a game.