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The Only Platform That Pays News Readers. Pumped MulTra Token (MTT) ICO rating – not rated.

ICO Pumped MulTra Token (MTT) Visit Pumped MulTra Token (MTT) ICO site

Ended ICO : 19/02/18 – 21/04/18

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web site Pumped MulTra Token (MTT)
web site Pumped MulTra Token (MTT)
web site Pumped MulTra Token (MTT)
web site Pumped MulTra Token (MTT)
web site Pumped MulTra Token (MTT)
web site Pumped MulTra Token (MTT)

About Pumped MulTra Token (MTT) ICO (token sale)

About Pumped MulTra Token (MTT)

About the Developer

MulTra GmbH, the company that has developed the Pumped ecosystem, was founded in 2014 and is based in Frankfurt, Germany. Its clients include Deutsche Bank, Samsung, Huawei, BMW, GlaxoSmithKline, Lenovo, Johnson & Johnson and many more. In 2015 and 2017, MulTra GmbH’s digital products received multiple awards from the European Commission for their innovative strengths and impactful nature. MulTra GmbH is a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

The New Content Economy

Online News publishers made the historic mistake of not convincing consumers early-on that quality content deserves a fair remuneration. Pumped provides the opportunity to not only correct this mistake but to change the way we consume news.

The Pumped App uses machine learning to connect publishers and readers to create a new content economy in which both are seamlessly rewarded for their publication and consumption. Publishers earn 100% ad revenue while readers are paid for reading, curating and engaging with news from the Pumped App. This new content economy is powered by the MulTra Token (MTT), which serves as the fuel of the Pumped ecosystem.

The Future of Digital News

Pumped is a for-profit business and is in the business of profiting others. It promotes high-quality news sources and silences sensationalism and agenda-driven fake news. It is not just free for everyone to use, it pays everyone for using it.

Publishers are seamlessly signed up through their RSS feeds which are beautifully displayed in the Pumped App for readers to consume news. It utilizes machine learning to understand consumer preferences, so consumers can consume and engage with their preferred content types. Readers are rewarded with MTT for reading, curating, sharing and engaging with the news content.

Earned MTT can be used to pay for premium subscription-based services provided by news publishers, traded on crypto exchanges for their market value or used for different services on the Pumped Partners platform. This way, readers make money with their own attention, instead of others making money off them.

Join Pumped – the new content economy!

Shape the future of news by joining the Pumped Initial Token Offering and purchasing your tokens at a highly discounted rate before the MTT are listed on the crypto exchanges in 2018. As adaption and popularity increase worldwide for the first platform that pays for reading news, so will the value and circulation of the MTT. Pumped’s popularity will dramatically increase with catchy marketing headlines like ‘Get Paid for Reading News’, bringing millions of people into the crypto world for the first time with MTT as their first crypto-currency.