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ICO Baikalika


Ended ICO : 20/03/18 – 30/04/18

Blockchain technologies for Baikal water mining

About Baikalika

Blockchain technologies for authenticity verification and shipment control of the best drinking water from Baikal

Baikal is a world-famous brand which used for sell counterfeits. BAIKALIKA has found a solution to this problem.Blockchain technology ensures 100% protection against a counterfeit product, and water safety and quality control due to confirmation of the place of origin and a transparent chain of supply to the end-user.

Since 2015 we extract relict water from the ‘lens’ of Lake Baikal, which is protected from civilization by depth of 400 meters layer.

We implement blockchain as a firewall for imitations. We will establish true market of natural water, to eliminate lottery with counterfeits for consumer. QR code used along with the blockchain enables water verification and makes it possible to quickly prove BAIKALIKA’s authenticity to anyone and anywhere in the world. Due to this technology, we are able to protect the product from being faked and control the supply chain.

We motivate consumers to invest in personal reserve of the world best natural water as low as $0.03 per liter.